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Redmi Note 5 Specification And Price

See the Redmi Note 5 Specification And Price


18:9 Full screen displayCustom display with rounded corners
Procesor & Memory

Octa-core processorSnapdragon 625 2.0GHz maxAdreno 506Dimensions
Height: 158.5mmWidth: 75.45mmThickness: 8.05mmWeight: 180g

18:9 Full screen display15.2cm (5.99) (diagonally)18:9 screen aspect ratio2160 x 1080 FHD+ resolution, 403 PPI, 1000:1 contrast ratio450 nits brightness84% of NTSC color gamutSunlight displayNight displayReading modeColor temperature adjustmentStandard mode
4000mAh (typ) / 3900mAh (min)Non-removable5V/2A
Camera & Video
12MP rear camera12MP, 1.25μm large pixel5-element lens, ƒ/2.2 apertureDual LED flashPDAFLow light enhancementHDRPanoramaBurst modeFace recognition5MP front cameraBeautify 4.0Selfie-lightSelfie countdownFace recognition1080p/720p video, 30fps
Networks & Connectivity
Supports 802.11a/b/g/n protocolsSupports 2.4 / 5G WiFi / WIFI Direct / WiFi DisplayBluetooth 4.2, Bluetooth HID4G dual SIM:
3-choose-2 hybrid S…

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.5 Now Avaialable

An open source software developer red hat unveil their next innovation technology "Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.5".The red hat is already having open source community called Fedora.The upgrade linux enterprise 5.5 provide supports for new platforms Red Hat partners, AMD, Dell, HP, IBM and Intel.

Fedora is an open source operating system which is free to use , modify and distribute and this open source community started and handled by Red Hat Inc.

Currently Fedora 12 is launched and its consists of

Instant Messanger - Supports chat, video, and audio.You can talk to your friends who are on AIM, Yahoo Messanger, G Talk,Live (MSN), MySpace, and many other platforms.

Support bluetooth audio- lets you enjoy audio on your computer without need of wires

NetworkManager- Experience mobile broadband and supports IPV6(Internet Protocal Version6) for future networking

Package Kit- 15,000 packages that Fedora provides for free and you can install either from DVD or Online internet connec…

Google chrome browser and adobe flash player now combined

Google Chrome browser and adobe flash player now combined.In future adobe flash player will be available in Google Chrome by default and there is no need to download an extra flash player third-party plugin for Google chrome browser.

Why Google Chrome added third party adobe flash player by default in browser because of security.This adds more security to the already secure Chrome browser.The flash player can also be disabled easily.
 It is good to see Internet movers and shakers like Google, Adobe and Firefox work together towards a better web.

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Digital Cameras Features On Cell Phones with Optical Zoom 3x and 12 Mega Pixel

An Old Question whether 'Cellphone would replaced by digicams in future?'.

Yes technology made it another innovation that samsung and spice launched their new digital cameras feature in mobile phone with 3x Optical Zoom and 12 Mega pixel.

Image Description:Spice Cellphone Vs Samsung Cellphone

Key Features of Spice S-1200

* GSM 900/1800/1900
* 12 MP Camera + 3X Optical Zoom
* Xenon Flash
* 32 GB Expandable Memory (70MB internal)
* TV Out with Cable
* GSM 900/1800/1900

Key Features of Samsung M8920

* GSM 900/1800/1900
* 12 MP Camera + 3X Optical Zoom
* Xenon Flash

Computer Booting Trouble or HDD Not Mounts -AVG Free Rescue

AVG Technologies gives away free rescue software for all.This software will help you when your computer is not booting properly as well as when your computer booted successfully but not allowing you to access you hard disk drives and says some error then you dont need to install a new operating system here is a solution for that.

This software can be download from internet for free but free cd is only for already existing customer who bought any AVG product.

Booting Trouble Computers can be diagnose either from booting cd or USB Live boot.

Download Link For CD
Download Link For USB Stick

This AVG Free Product is from Linux Distribution .To know more click here

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Wireless Laser Mouse For Pc's

Targus the leading provider for laptop cases and bags innovated a new wireless laser mouse which can be used upto 10 meter length in range.

Now sits comfortably on your sofa or wherever you want and enjoy scrolling your pc stuff with wireless.

How It Works?

Wireless Mouse operated in the RF 2.4GHZ technology and this Wireless mouse pack comes with mouse and USB Port.USB and Mouse you can view from the above image itself.The USB port device is act as receiver and it gets signal from wireless laser mouse.

This device comes with equipped energized batteries to transmit the user operated signal and this device claims to offer 15 months of battery life.

Battery Strength signal will shown on Wireless device mouse itself.Mouse for both right hand user and left hand user.

To know the specification details AMW51AP.

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Opera Mini Browser on PC for Internet Surfing through Mobile GPRS

If you are using dial up connection internet connection in your PC with the help of your mobile GPRS connectivity then here is the chance to optimize you internet connection speed.

 Normally GPRS internet connection provides 144kbps speed which is best speed for your mobile browser but the same connection if you are using in your PC then you will be trying to open multiple sites just like you are connected to broadband connection so GPRS will not give good response for your connection.There are lot of internet connectivity booster tools availble in the internet but it could help for someone not for all.In this article i am going to explain you how to optimize your pc internet connectivity with the help of GPRS Mobile.


1.Java SE Development Kit (JDK) from here
2.Go to Sun Oracle website and download Wireless Toolkit depend upon your platform
3.Download Opera Mini Large Device in two resolution 800x505 and 1200x705
4.Download opera-mini and save it in your desktop.

How to Inst…

How To Install Internet Information Service in Windows XP SP2

Installing IIS in Microsoft Windows Xp....

Microsoft Windows Xp cd comes with all package but didn't allow users to select the package to install during operating system installation.The following packages are not installed during installtion
2.Fax Service
3.Indexing Service
4.Management Monitoring Tools
5.Message Queueing Tools
6.MSN Explorer
7.Windows Messanger
8.Other File Network and Printer service

To install these package follow this below instruction to do.
1.Go to Start->Setting ->Add or Remove
2.In that click add or remove windows component then you will get wizard window in that click checkbox button that you want.
3.Click next and note you need windows xp cd to copy files from your OS cd then complete it.
4.To validate IIS open you browser and type address http://localhost/ and then enter you will get IIS Page
5.Thats it now you can run any server side programming language in your client system itself

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Samsung Makes Their Own Operating System For Mobiles

Samsung Electronics are going to develop their own operating system for Mobile .Samsung Electronics picking up customer by providing less cost , best quality of product and user-friendly interface but doing this will fulfilled the normal person expectation when it comes for professional its not meet the professional need because they want social site widgets to stay connect with their friends , family and etc for 24x7.Inorder to do that Samsung unveiled that they are going to develop own mobile operating system for mobiles.

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Enhance Your Laptops Battery Power

Batteries consumption are very essential for every laptop users.In this article i am going to explain you so many methods to keep you battery consumption so that you could work more than the existing.
To Enhance the time of your battery life just follow the below instruction

1.Go to Display Properties and select none in Screen saver
2.Click on power button in the same Screen Saver window you will get another Pop-up window
3.Select Power-Schemes as Portable/Laptop ,Turn off monitor as After 1 mins,Turn off hard disks as After 3 mins and System Standby in After in 1 minutes.

4.Reduce Brightness and Contrast of Your Laptop Monitors
5.Avoid Playing music on laptop speakers its better you can use headphone
6.Try to use minimum application to avoid background process

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Why Google Added Buzz in Gmail rather than a Separate Site

Again Google Did a Best Job in Social Site Innovation.Mostly companies,colleges and offices blocks social site from their firewall that means you can't access the social sites like,,,, and etc., But Google Added their social site in Gmail rather than a separate site because if Google added their product Buzz in a separate site means Companies will definitely block Buzz social site from their firewall using DNS IP.

But the Same Companies , Colleges and offices allows people to use their personal E-mail like Gmail,Ymail and etc so that people can use Google Buzz with the help of Gmail .

Every one is happy with Google Continuous Innovation.

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3D MOTION GAMING ON MICROMAX MOBILES.Early days we played games on mobile with the help of mobile keypads and from last few weeks we are playing game on mobile with the help of Touch Screen but from this moment we are going to play games on mobiles with the help of our body physical motion.Initially the big mobile phone manufactures announces that is Nokia(N-Gage) and Sony Ericcson(F-Series) is going to launch mobile phones with 3d motion gaming but Micromax unveiled the 3D motion gaming on mobiles before Nokia and Sony Ericcson.


2.4-inch QVGA display3D motion gamingMicroSD memory upto 4GB 2-megapixel camera  Li-ion battery  8 days of standby time5 hours talk timeDual band phone
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DLF IPL Application for Nokia Smart Phones

Indian Premier League is the most successful twenty 20 cricket.Download  the DLF IPL Application for Nokia Smart phones from OVI Store. This apps will be used upto ipl season 3 and for future you can resubscribe it.

What is the use of this application?

Live Scores with text commentary News FeedsMatch SchedulesIpl list with team membersIndividual Team performance
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Make Your Internet Banking More Secure

Internet Banking is playing a vital role in our daily life.Technology delivers internet banking secure and fast shopping but the fact is only secure on server and network communication not in client side.See how client side is not secure in this article i am going to explain you how to make your internet banking more secure.

Key-Logger is a software which monitor your keyboard activities and store all keys which you strokes from your keyboard.

So whenever you make internet banking either from home or browsing center(Cybercafe) then dont use your computer keyboard its better that you can user on-screen keyboard.

In all Operating system there On-Screen Keyboard (OSK) is available in accessories for example in windows XP you can found Start -Programs - Accessories- System Tools - On-Screen Keyboard.

Use this "OSK" when you enter your user name,passwords,credit card information and etcetera where ever you need it you can use for More Security.

IPL Season 3 Cricketers Profile On Twitter

Indian Premier League is the most successful twenty 20 cricket.In this moment Youtube is going to broadcast live telecast.Twitter is a best social site for everyone to share the latest tweets to their followers so what i thought is i should search for IPL Cricketers Season 3 Players in Twitter so it will be Good news for their fans to know more about their fans tweets about match performance or anything they want to share with the followers.Initially when i was searching for cricketers in Twitter i was getting N number of profiles and i dont no what to do because whether it is genuine or not later i decided to search for IPL Chairman Lalit Modi profile in twitter because we knew he is going to follow only genuine players and finally i got the genuine IPL season 3 Cricketers link.

If you are one of the fan of below click their link to follow him to know more about him with tweets.

1.Yuvaraj Singh
2.Shane Warne
3.MS Dhoni
4.Damien Martyn
5.Michael Clarke
6.James Anderson
7.Phil Hughes

Best Instant Messanger For Your Pc,Mobile and Web

Most of the people were spending their time by chatting with their friends,lover and family member etc.,In an Internet each user have their N number of accounts in different sites but when they want to chat with all friends it is not possible because they may have some friends in and some friends in but they couldn't chat with all friends simultaneously.In order to do that just download Instant Messenger and login with your new account and then add your all network email id and password in Instant Messenger to chat with your all friends simultaneously.

To Download The Best Instant Messenger Click the below download link depend upon your platform.
1.Instant Messanger For Windows Platform
2.Instant Messanger For Mac Platform
3.Instant Messanger For Linux Platform
4.Instant Messanger For Mobiles 
5.Instant Messanger For Web

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Get Genuine Microsoft Office 2010 For Free

Download the genuine office 2010 for free from Microsoft.

Here's an Exclusive offer from Microsoft Office .

Buy a new Microsoft office 2007 and Get Genuine Microsoft Office 2010 DVD or Download For Free when it is available.

Promotional Details

Note:Please read carefully about promotional detail to be qualified to get genuine microsoft office 2010

Buy New office 2007 product from Amazon or Microsoft between March 5 to September 30,2010.

Install and activate your qualifying office 2007 product by 30 september,2010.After Activiting your office 2007 product try to keep your product key which is 25 character and product ID to redeem your Genuine Office 2010.

Once Microsoft Office 2010 is available on market ,simple Go to october31,2010 to download office 2010 or Order product DVD at no cost

* Office 2010 downloads will be accessible at general availability and are free. However, discs can be ordered for a fee. Eligible Office 2007 software must be purchased fr…

Display HTML Code On Blog

Demonstrating about web technology by writing HTML code on blog is not so easy.
Google blog has it's own HTML Coding editor and Rich Text Editor(i.e,Compose) but if you write some article which includes HTML example for the demonstration and you wrote either on HTML Coding Editor or in Rich Text Coding Editor(i.e,Compose) then you are going publish those article into your blog then entire article HTML Examples are converted into your blog HTML coding.

For Example

If you want to write html coding like this in your blog post editor
Technology Innovation

When you publish this article from blog then editor will convert that html coding to like this
Technology Innovation

Inorder to display HTML coding on your blog add this tag and close tag with

For example to display html code on you blog use like this

Technology Innovation

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How to Add Your Own Flash File in Blog

Flash is an Adobe Product.Flash is used to create animation file and video file with best resolution as well as in small size to be compatiable with any internet browser.If blogger are creating their own animation to explain about the articles in practical manner they don't no how to upload it on blog but most of the blog have their own video uploader as well image uploader.In this tutorial i am going to tell you how to upload your own flash animated file in Blogs.To do so just follow the procedure step by step

1.First Create your flash file.
2.Save your flash file with the Extension of SWF.
3.Go to and sign in with your blogger account.
4.Click on Create new site and select your template,choose domain name and then click create site.
5.After successfully creation of your site now go to top right and click on "More action" combobox and in that select "Manage your site".
6.You will get manage site page and in that click Attachments now cl…