Enhance Your Laptops Battery Power

Enhance Your Laptops Battery Power
Batteries consumption are very essential for every laptop users.In this article i am going to explain you so many methods to keep you battery consumption so that you could work more than the existing.
To Enhance the time of your battery life just follow the below instruction

1.Go to Display Properties and select none in Screen saver
2.Click on power button in the same Screen Saver window you will get another Pop-up window
3.Select Power-Schemes as Portable/Laptop ,Turn off monitor as After 1 mins,Turn off hard disks as After 3 mins and System Standby in After in 1 minutes.

4.Reduce Brightness and Contrast of Your Laptop Monitors
5.Avoid Playing music on laptop speakers its better you can use headphone
6.Try to use minimum application to avoid background process

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