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Redmi Note 5 Specification And Price

See the Redmi Note 5 Specification And Price


18:9 Full screen displayCustom display with rounded corners
Procesor & Memory

Octa-core processorSnapdragon 625 2.0GHz maxAdreno 506Dimensions
Height: 158.5mmWidth: 75.45mmThickness: 8.05mmWeight: 180g

18:9 Full screen display15.2cm (5.99) (diagonally)18:9 screen aspect ratio2160 x 1080 FHD+ resolution, 403 PPI, 1000:1 contrast ratio450 nits brightness84% of NTSC color gamutSunlight displayNight displayReading modeColor temperature adjustmentStandard mode
4000mAh (typ) / 3900mAh (min)Non-removable5V/2A
Camera & Video
12MP rear camera12MP, 1.25μm large pixel5-element lens, ƒ/2.2 apertureDual LED flashPDAFLow light enhancementHDRPanoramaBurst modeFace recognition5MP front cameraBeautify 4.0Selfie-lightSelfie countdownFace recognition1080p/720p video, 30fps
Networks & Connectivity
Supports 802.11a/b/g/n protocolsSupports 2.4 / 5G WiFi / WIFI Direct / WiFi DisplayBluetooth 4.2, Bluetooth HID4G dual SIM:
3-choose-2 hybrid S…

How to Open Instead of Google.xx

Learn how to open (US Domain) instead of your country based domain is most widely used search engine.When more and more user visits the server response is too late that's why Google decided to expand their network and they made separate servers to different countries like is United State server , is Indian server , is United Kingdom Server and others like is France Server but what ever results is different from Google.xx

Whenever you type in address bar it automatically redirect to your local server
For Example if you are in india
if you type then it will automatically redirect to
similarly if you are in another country then it will automatically redirect to your country server

If you are really interested to visit in your country
then visit

ncr - no country redirect

What is the use of ?
Ans: Because it will …

How to Purchase Domain from Blogger

How to customize from blogspot to your own domain name follow this article

1.Visit and Login with your google account
2.Go for Layout and click on setting tab
3.In setting tab click the sub menu publishing tab and then click on switch to custom domain
4.Enter your domain name and check whether it is available or not with the help Check Availability and then enter word verification code then Continue to purchase
5.Domain registration cost is $10/per year and then continue to domain registration
6.After accepting the term and condition purchase domain with google checkout
7.To make successful process it took 20 seconds and your custom domain finish but when you visit your new custom domain it shows "Your Blog in Transaction " and it took 3 days to transfer all your article to new custom domain
8.That's it

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How to Execute Program Automatically when Microsoft Windows Startup

Most people dont no how to execute program during start-up.

What is start-up?
Start-up can be define as process of authenticating login information to access system welcome screen is called start-up.

During startup some installed program will automatically execute but if you want execute your own program or you want to hear music every time whenever you computer start-up just follow this step

1.Copy the file which you want Run during start-up
2.Go to your operating system drive
3.Go to this entire directory Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup
4.And then paste in start-up folder
5.Thats it

Now you can execute your own program or music whenver your computer start-up

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How to Optimize Computer Performance Using Tricks

To Optimize your computer performance no need to download any software and no need to buy any new hardware just by following tricks you can do it.

1.Open Note Pad and type "FREEMEM=SPACE(64000000)" without quotes
2.Save this file in your Desktop as "RAM.vbs"
3.Then Run this file to optimize your computer performance
Whenever you computer performance is slow or getting hanged then run this file to get full speed.

File Description
This file is Visual Basic Script(vbs) that clear you computer RAM(Random Access Memory) address.

1.This trick will only work in Microsoft Windows Platform
2.Saving your file in desktop is to get access so fast

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What's New in Fedora 12 and it's Feature

Fedora is always free for anyone to use, modify, and distribute
The most awaited Linux operating system fedora launched today(17.11.2009).Fedora is Free Open Source Software(FOSS) project developed by Red Hat Inc.It is built by many people across the globe who work together for open source Fedora Project.

What's New in Fedora 12

Instant Messanger - Supports chat, video, and audio.You can talk to your friends who are on AIM, Yahoo Messanger, G Talk,Live (MSN), MySpace, and many other platforms.

Support bluetooth audio- lets you enjoy audio on your computer without need of wires

NetworkManager- Experience mobile broadband and supports IPV6(Internet Protocal Version6) for future networking

Package Kit- 15,000 packages that Fedora provides for free and you can install either from DVD or Online internet connectivity

New Look -GNOME and KDE Desktops with new chic

and remaining thing as it is

For more details click here

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S60 V2 (Symbian 60 Version 2) Hidden Tricks Information

Symbian is a mobile operating system.Most of smart phone are build with Symbian OS and all Nseries mobile OS is Symbian only..

Hidden Tricks in S60 V2

To See Hidden Tricks Information in your phone type the below address in Standby Mode

*#2820# = Bluetooth Address
*#0000# = OS version and Date
*#06# = IMEI(Internation Mobile Equipment Identity)
*#7370# = Format Data
*#92702689# = Warranty Infomation and Life Timer

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Airtel Inspiring Ad and Proud to be an Indian....

A very inspiring Ad from airtel..Please watch it

1500 year ago an Indian taught the world how to count..But this time its deserve it

1.Who is the father of surgery and he belongs to which country?

The father of surgery is "Shusruth" and he belongs to India.

2.Who Invented Wireless Communication and he belongs to which country?

Wireless Communication invented by "Jagdish bose" and he belongs to India.

3.How many Percentage of computers runs on chip across the globe which is made by India?

90% of World's computers run on chip, made by Indian.."Vinod Dham"

4.A man fought war without fighting ?

Mahatma Gandhi and he too belongs to Indian..

When Single Indian Can do such a thing .Then billion stands for what they believe in they can change the world.

Proud to be Indian...

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How to Run Newly Installed Program from Run Command in Microsoft Windows Platform

Image Description:Run Command Dialog Box in Windows Platform

Run Command is used to execute program fast with Unix command..

If you have been installed new program and want to start quickly with Run Command ...

1.Go to Windows System Drive and click on Program Files Directory
2.Find the newly installed program directory in that find Application Executable file(The format file will be *.Exe)
3.Create shortcut for Application Executable file and then copy that file
4.Go to Windows System Drive and then click on Windows Directory
5.Then Paste it inside the Windows Directoryand Rename it for you command
6.Then Open Run Command (Start->Run) or Press Simulataneously Win + R
7.Type your Command and Execute it

Already Inbuilt Run Command for all Windows Platform with Description

calc - Opens calculator
cmd - Opens command prompt window
explorer - Opens Windows explorer
msconfig - System Configuration Utility
mspaint - O…

Yahoo New Ads in India ! It's You

The Internet in the Shape of "YOU".....It's Yahoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

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Download Free Office Software From IBM and Canonical


IBM (International Business Machine) and Canonical are business partner for Free Open Source Software and they made Free Office Software for all platform Linux,Windows,Unix and mac.All ready people very well known about Canonical which distributed billion cd's and dvd's of Ubuntu across the globe with free of cost and free shipping.This Free Office Software from IBM and Canonical known as "Lotus Symphony".

Upto this in office software we get only Documents,Presentation and Spreadsheets but this Free Open Source Software Office "Lotus Symphony" come with Documents,Presentation ,Spreadsheet and Inbuilt web browser.

This Free Software Built on Eclipse and to download this software click here

Top Four Reason To Try Lotus Symphony Software :

<>Frees you from proprietary documents constraints
<>Provide everything you need and everything you are used to.
<>Independent platform
<>Saves Budget


Samsung Launched Mobile Application Developer Contest 2009

Good News For Mobile Application Developer :A developer who have innovative ideas and want to develop some new Software,Games,Entertainment,Health/Life,Ebook and Utilites just do it in any one of the category and then submit in Samsung Mobile Application Contest its chance to get reward for your hard work.

This Contest Entries Open : 16,Nov to 10,Dec 2009
Software Application : Samsung Omnia II

To know more about this contest please click here

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Microsoft Vs Apple Vs Linux Operating Systems

Image Description:Apple , Linux & Windows

Apple Inc developing operating system only for their customer who purchase Apple Desktop or Apple Latop then Linux is a Free Open Source Software(FOSS) which is giving away for free anyone and the end user can modify the source code of the entire operating system with copy-left licence and windows is a Microsoft Corporation product which is charging money for an Operating system but these three Operating System Developer made
huge Competition between them and they are launching their own operating system next to next.

Macintosh - Apple launched Snow Leopard in August,2009
Windows - Microsoft launched windows 7 an update of vista in August,2009
Linux - As of now there are more than million distribution across the globe and they are updating their Linux packages

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3G (Third Generation) Mobile Communication

Image Description: 3G Network

3G stands for Third Generation for Mobile Communication is a family standard of International Mobile Communication . This 3G includes GSM(Global System for Mobile Communication),EDGE(Enhance Data Rates for GSM Evolution),UMTS(Universal Mobile Telecommunication System),CDMA2000(Code Division Multiple Acess),DECT(Digital Enhance Cordless Telecommunication) and WiMax.

This 3G network is specially designed for Video Calling,Voice Telephones and Wireless Data.In 3G we can do voice calling as well as Data transmission simultaneously but in 2G only we can make voice calling and for data transmission after voice calling done.

Transmission of Data in 3G is 14 Mbit/s in Downlink and 5.8 Mbit/s in Uplink

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Slimmest Laptop Features when Compare to Normal Laptop

In yearly days people were purchasing laptop instead of desktop but in these days people are purchasing slimmest laptop instead of normal laptop.

Why people in favor of Slimmest laptop when compare to normal laptop ?

Because slimmest laptop comes with feature like Optical Disk Drive are replaced by Flash Disk Drives(USB Pen Drives ,Memory Cards) and this replaced done here to make more slimmest laptop not to reduce money

Why Replaced Optical Disk Drives to Flash Disk Drives ?

- Writing Data in High Speed
- Memory Size in GB's but performance is good
- Rewritable Pen Drives and Memory card
- Pen Drive and Memory need small place to keep in pocket
- Flash Drives can be used anywhere.
- Independent Platform no need of installing driver Software in Operating System

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How to Realize the value of Time with different Period

Time is Playing a vital role in our daily life and how many people realize the value of time only when the miss an oportunity.

Realize the value of time with different period

One Year -Ask one who failed in an exam
One Month -Ask one who haven't received salary
One Week -Ask one who has stayed in relative's home
One Day -Ask one who is in fasting
One Hour -Ask one who is waiting for someone
One Minute-Ask one who had just missed a bus
One Second-Ask one who had escaped from an accident

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