Display HTML Code On Blog

Demonstrating about web technology by writing HTML code on blog is not so easy.
Google blog has it's own HTML Coding editor and Rich Text Editor(i.e,Compose) but if you write some article which includes HTML example for the demonstration and you wrote either on HTML Coding Editor or in Rich Text Coding Editor(i.e,Compose) then you are going publish those article into your blog then entire article HTML Examples are converted into your blog HTML coding.

For Example

If you want to write html coding like this in your blog post editor
<a href="http://hakeemit.blogspot.com">Technology Innovation</a>

When you publish this article from blog then editor will convert that html coding to like this
Technology Innovation

Inorder to display HTML coding on your blog add this tag <xmp> and close tag with

For example to display html code on you blog use like this

<xmp><a href="http://hakeemit.blogspot.com">Technology Innovation</a>

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