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CREATE A FREE WEBSITEHi Guys wanna create Free website visit there you just sign up and create your domain in the following address http://yourdomain.wetpaint.comFeatures Of Wet Paint* The wetpaint site you are creating this will be displayed in google while people searching * Get Separate Topics in Site like Home,Discussion,Photos,Videos,To-Dos,Member and Invites* Upload Your own files* You can add google adsense in your wetpaint site

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BSNL Broad Band Usage Details

BSNL BroadBand Usage DetailsThe people who use limited plan they are not able to view their broadband usage details the fact is only one server for checking broadband usage details .A server will not handle more number of request at a time.visit this sites and use same portal user id and password to check usage Details.http://bbservice.bsnl.in
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VLC stands for Video Lan Client and this is the best media player that supports all media file types.This Media Player is absolutely free its GNU License.This Media player open files in fraction of seconds.It Supports following file MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, mp3, ogg,mtv,asf,wmv,wma....) as well as DVDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols.

You can Download this VLC player for the following platforms

* Linux
* Windows
* MacOSX
* NetBSD
* Solaris

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Google Latitude is a feature of Google Maps.This Google latitude is used to track their friends location and status message.Enjoy Google Latitude on your phone and computers.

Visit Google Latitude and enter your mobile number if you want to download in mobile or you can browse it in your computer.

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Apple Inc Finally launched Iphone 3G with touch screen.3G stands for third generation mobile for standard wireless communication and this 3G delivers high speed network connectivity.

*3G delivers high speed 11Mb Downlink and 5.4Mb Uplink
*Inbuilt Music Player with touch screen and songs can be change via album photo
*Inbuild Media Player that shows video depand on phone position if your rotate phone simultaneously video also rotate
*More than 25,000 Application and counting on
*Find Maps with 3G connectivity

This 3G also stands for GSM,GPRS and Edge Performance

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HOW TO CHANGE GOOGLE ACCOUNT PASSWORDChanging Google Account Password is so easy but some people feel difficult to change google account password because they dont no where to do.some people searching in Gmail or OrkutFollow this steps to change Google Account Password* Visit* Then click sign in link this will appear at top right *After signing then you will be redirect to Google Home Page* There you click My Account this will appear at top right* In My Account Page you will see change Password thats it now you can change your password

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3D Desktop For Windows

3D DESKTOP FOR WINDOWS PLATFORMBumpTop Technologies Inc Created 3D Desktop For Microsoft Windows Platform and its copyright license.This Bumptop 3d Desktop is like a real Desk Normally what we do in desk that can be done in this Bumptop Desktop. This Desktop is really Fun* Increase your icon size* Most used application can automatically increase icon size * Thumbnail preview on your Desktop for the following like Webpages, PSDs, HDRs and more!*Organize function that seprate files family and unique file stored above and above like this
*Dozen of themes that you can select for your Desktop that suits you moods

*Store your Icon above and above in your desktop like you are keeping books above and above in desk* Rotate Your Desktop Icons in 0-360 angle* Single Icon as well as Multiple Icon can be grow(Increasing Size) and can be shrink(Decreasing size)* View your desktop Icon in Grid Menu* Finally using pile function can arrange same category application in above and above so that you can ch…

Best Browsers For Your PC

List of most popular web browser like opera mini, apple safari, Microsoft internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Netscape.

Web browser - A software which retrieves data from server and present in a neat way on your computer screen and its the most popular way to see for what you are looking like people use for business / blogs / learning/ games / fun and etc.,

Amazing facts of World wide web

To Reach 50 million users Radio took 38 years , TV in 13 years and Internet web was just 4 Years.Apache HTTP server was the most successful server since 1996World wide web programmed with Objective C First web server software was CERN httpd

In this article you will be seeing the specialty of each browser


Opera Internet Browser For Linux,Windows,Mac and also for mobile (Symbain,java and windows )

Specialty :This Browser store cache memory to make fast browser

Safari Browser

Safari Internet Browser Developed By Apple Inc.

This browser intially for Macintosh Platform only but now they provide f…

Pidgin Internet Messenger


Pidgin is a application where u can add your client accounts and can chat with your friends very easily

It supports different chat networks
AIMBonjourGadu-GaduGoogle TalkGroupwiseICQIRCMSNMySpaceIMQQSILCSIMPLESametimeXMPPYahoo!ZephySupported Platform

WindowsSourceCentOS / RHELFedora CoreMac OS XUbuntu
You can Download Pidgin From Here

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Google Maps -Taj Mahal


Google Earth lets you fly anywhere on Earth to view satellite imagery,maps, terrain, 3D buildings,from galaxies in outer space to the canyons of the ocean. You can explore rich geographical content, save your toured places, and share with others.
Download Google Earth from Here


Google Maps lets you to fly anywhere on location to view satellite imagery,maps,3D building .This works on Browser


For Mobile visit

The Images which i take from my system .Google Earth shows TajMahal (Wonder) and Google Maps shows world Map......

Objective - Never keep paper map in hands just do it with Google Maps and Earth

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Apple Quick Time Pro


Apple Quick Time.Quick Time is like media player it used to play media files and also for digital media creation.

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Ubuntu is giving free CD.Ubuntu Free Media Program is a Ubuntu Canonical Project that aims to distribute Media (CDs) for free to individuals who can't afford to buy or download.They want to Share Open Source Project WorldWide

The Best Linux Supporter,distributor is Ubuntu
Just Enter your Email ID and they confirmation send to your email and then continue your registration then you will recieve CD Kit within 6 to 8 weeks
To Get this click here

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Adobe CS2 Free Trial DVD's


Adobe is giving away free Creative Suites Trail DVD for free.The DVD Set Contains 30-day trial versions of Photoshop CS2, InDesign CS2, Illustrator® CS2, GoLive CS2 and Adobe Acrobat Professional with Adobe Bridge and Adobe Stock Photos.

To Grab this offer you need to fullfill the form.

This Offer is either for U.S. / Canada residents or those living in Australia / New Zealand.

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SUN MICROSYSTEM (Everyone and everything participating on the network)

Sun micro-system is a multinational company.They are providing software for all platform Java , Linux , Windows and Macintosh.

It is independent platform that means the software can run in any platform.
For example : They are creating software for mobile in jar(Java Archieve) format that software is working on samsung,nokia ,sony ericsson and etc.

Sun Microsystem Open Source Software

Java is a object oriented programming language .It uses class and object to avoid structures and it uses encapsulation,polymorphism and Inheritance.


NetBeans is a package where u can edit any programming code and u can build the code using netbeans tool easily .
Service providing netbean is Servers,Databases and more service it depands on your programming.

Glass Fish

Glass Fish is a server where u can build code online when server is running.


MySql is a database is used to store and retrieve data.This MySql database i…