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Bookmark WhatsApp Messages For Instant Access

When some important messages sent by your family members or friends in Whatsapp either in group or personal chat, its very difficult to search them back, because in the mean time we got lot other messages in the same conversation.
Now the whatsapp developer has decided to create bookmark feature, that you can mark important message as starred (The feature is just like browser bookmarks that we do in our normal life ), So that you can quickly or instantly access them very easily and this option is just available with Android OS.
How to do this bookmark for Whatsapp messages.

Select the message by tap and hold, then click the Star Icon from the Application bar.
To view the starred message at later. Click the Menu button > Starred Messages.
This feature is not available in Google Play, while writing this article and it will be available soon but if you want to try this feature now, then download Whatsapp from official Whatsapp website.