Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.5 Now Avaialable

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.5 Now Avaialable

An open source software developer red hat unveil their next innovation technology "Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.5".The red hat is already having open source community called Fedora.The upgrade linux enterprise 5.5 provide supports for new platforms Red Hat partners, AMD, Dell, HP, IBM and Intel.

Fedora is an open source operating system which is free to use , modify and distribute and this open source community started and handled by Red Hat Inc.

Currently Fedora 12 is launched and its consists of

Instant Messanger - Supports chat, video, and audio.You can talk to your friends who are on AIM, Yahoo Messanger, G Talk,Live (MSN), MySpace, and many other platforms.

Support bluetooth audio- lets you enjoy audio on your computer without need of wires

NetworkManager- Experience mobile broadband and supports IPV6(Internet Protocal Version6) for future networking

Package Kit- 15,000 packages that Fedora provides for free and you can install either from DVD or Online internet connectivity

New Look -GNOME and KDE Desktops with new chic

and remaining thing as it is

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