How To Install Internet Information Service in Windows XP SP2

How To Install Internet Information Service in Windows XP SP2
Installing IIS in Microsoft Windows Xp....

Microsoft Windows Xp cd comes with all package but didn't allow users to select the package to install during operating system installation.The following packages are not installed during installtion
2.Fax Service
3.Indexing Service
4.Management Monitoring Tools
5.Message Queueing Tools
6.MSN Explorer
7.Windows Messanger
8.Other File Network and Printer service

To install these package follow this below instruction to do.
1.Go to Start->Setting ->Add or Remove
2.In that click add or remove windows component then you will get wizard window in that click checkbox button that you want.
3.Click next and note you need windows xp cd to copy files from your OS cd then complete it.
4.To validate IIS open you browser and type address http://localhost/ and then enter you will get IIS Page
5.Thats it now you can run any server side programming language in your client system itself

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