Make Your Internet Banking More Secure

Make Your Internet Banking More Secure
Internet Banking is playing a vital role in our daily life.Technology delivers internet banking secure and fast shopping but the fact is only secure on server and network communication not in client side.See how client side is not secure in this article i am going to explain you how to make your internet banking more secure.

Key-Logger is a software which monitor your keyboard activities and store all keys which you strokes from your keyboard.

So whenever you make internet banking either from home or browsing center(Cybercafe) then dont use your computer keyboard its better that you can user on-screen keyboard.

In all Operating system there On-Screen Keyboard (OSK) is available in accessories for example in windows XP you can found Start -Programs - Accessories- System Tools - On-Screen Keyboard.

Use this "OSK" when you enter your user name,passwords,credit card information and etcetera where ever you need it you can use for More Security.


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