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Google Mobile Apps on Android Market or Google Play

Gmail Search with Keywords

Learn how you can use Gmail more efficiently with these powerful search keywords

File Name Extension Search

Search "filename:doc" without quotes will display all document attached email'sSearch "filename:jpg" without quotes will display all Image attached email'sSearch "filename:ppt" without quotes will display all presentation attached email'sSearch "filename:pdf" without quotes will display all  PDF attached email's

Attachment Search
Search "has:attachment" without quotes will display all email with attachmentsGoogle Circle Search Search "has:circle" without quotes will display all your friends email who are in your google plus circlesFrom User Search Search "from:(" without quotes will display all email from the userSearch "from:(,user2,user3...)" without quotes will display all mentioned user's email(Starred Email) Search  "is:starred from:(user1@gmail.…

Free Email ID with GoogleMail not Gmail is from Google only but how you will get this account from Google because you have no page to signup for this extension

I have a tricks and if you do that you can get to
Let confuse our friends, colleagues and family member's and tell them that i have signed up for and its worth some dollars.
All you have to do is just give your old email id which you use for gmail. 
Let's take an example
if you have then ask them to send email to
Note : Username should be same
that means you dont have to create a new account for googlemail but gmail server will dispatch all your email to your account but make sure to use the exact username which you used for gmail.
That's it.Enjoy.....

Android Browser RAM Usage

How much memory occupies when browser apps is open or boot up in your smartphone.

Internet (Default) 15 to 18 MB
Google Chrome  25 to 28 MB
UC Browser      28 to 30 MB
Opera Mobile    31 to 33 MB
MozillaFirefox    44 to 46 MB

UC Browser - Night mode for web view that helps your eye.

Opera best for cache server pages

Chrome good in animation and performance wise

Firefox also good but occupies more memory than any other browser for android.

Subscribe to your Facebook Notifications

Read your Facebook account notification via SMS or RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed through Google reader or with some other reader.

Facebook notification helps you to update with your social connected friends about they share picture, text , comment, like and etc.,

RSS Feeds Subscription 

Sign in to your Facebook accountGo to notification page Right Click the RSS to copy the RSS link addressNow subscribe the RSS feed link to your Google Reader or some other reader.That's it. Now facebook will notify you whenever there is updates through RSS. 

SMS Subscription

As you can see in the image there is word Text Message but it is linked so far but it seems like it will be implemented soon.