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How To Recover The Deleted Whats App Messages In Android

Learn how you can recover the deleted whatsapp messages with the following method.

This process is little longer but this is the best way to recover your whats app messages.
Go to Android SettingsApplication Manager > Select Downloaded Category > Select WhatsApp > Click Clear Data > Click Clear Button
File Manager > Device Storage > WhatsApp > Database > Select the latest file based on the date value in the file name.Rename the latest file from "msgstore-2017-10-17.1.db" to  "msgstore.db" and file rename process completed successfully.
Now open the WhatsApp and your WhatsApp will appear like you downloaded first time, so click the Agree and Continue after reading the Whats App Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
Verify your phone number.
 After the verification.Whats App will check for any backup. Click the Restore button for the Whats App recovery messages.Congratulation now you have successfully restored the deleted messages. That's It and…
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e-SIM / Apple SIM - Future Of Sim Cards

Whenever you are upgrading your smartphone then the first thing is to change the sim card for the following reasons.

Cropping the sim sizes ( 1. normal sim to micro sim size, 2.micro sim to nano sim)Supported Network Generation like 3G, 4G, LTE, 5GPricing Plans or Offers Forget all this reason in the future because e-SIM is coming. 
e-SIM is the future of SIM Card which will be embedded in your device itself just like the storage card. Basically sim card has the unique identity number and a small storage for your contact but if it is embedded then you can manage your sim card activation and migration with the help of your Operating system settings (iOS or Windows or Android).
This concept is already launched by Apple and it is available in iPad Models but apple never said this in Apple Keynote and they named is Apple SIM
Apple Said that this feature will give you more flexibility on choosing the short term mobile data plans from the variety of network providers with no long term commit…

Remove Print Restrict From Any PDF Files

Have you ever seen the printing restriction in confidential PDF files (You can able to see the files but it will not allow you to print the soft copy to hard copies). You can take the screenshots from the PDF file and then you can print it but it will take more time and also it need your effort to make the page alignment.

I have a simple trick, which will allow you to print the restricted printing files.

Upload your PDF files to Google drive.Preview the PDF file in Google drive.Click the Print icon, Print the file from your browser. That's it.
Suppose if you need to print the file very frequently then download the uploaded PDF file from Google drive and save it in your system, now you can see the pint button is enabled in your PDF reader application. 

Connect To JioFi Device Without Knowing The Passwords Using WPS

If someone in your home or your friends are using Jiofi device and he/she is not sharing the password with you then i am going to share you a simple trick, so you can easily connect to the jiofi router without the need of password and start using the unlimited internet.

This trick can be achieved using the WPS technology (Wi-Fi Protected Setup; originally, Wi-Fi Simple Config) is a network security standard to create a secure wireless home network.

Follow the steps to get the internet for free using the "WPS Push Button Method"
Go to your Wifi Settings in your smartphone device like Android Turn on your Wifi Click the option button and select the  "WPS push button" and you will be seeing the popup window like this below picture.
Now take your JioFi Device and in the right side, you will seeing the WPS button  Hold the WPS button for few moments and see the Jiofi display, so the wifi icon will blink. After few seconds, your smartphone device would have shared the Wifi…

How To Utilize Your JioFi Wifi Router As Wireless Mobile Storage Device

Download all your content into microSD card which you are going to share with your family and friends. So you can easily share it and don't have to download the same content by your family members and friends and also it can help you to minimize your data usage.

Learn how you can insert microSD card into jiofi device and start using the Wireless storgae for your family and friends.

Step 1: Insert a microSD card in the JioFi card slot.

Step 2: Connect to your Jiofi device using Wifi Connectivity and then go to your browser and type the url http://jiofi.local.html/

Step 3: Log in as admin.

Step 3: After logging in, go to wifi disk link in the webpage.

Step 4: Now, you can see all your files and folders which can be read or write or delete. Perform the basic cut/copy/paste in your wifi disk.

Step 5: That's it, now you can easily access content on the microSD card on your phone.

Nokia 8 Launched - Price and Specification

Finally Nokia has developed an Android based smart phone and it's going to be a killer product against Samsung Galaxy & Apple iPhone series.

Nokia Nseries was launched with Zeiss Camera lenses and this time nokia launched its smartphone with zeiss lenses on both front and back camera with 13 mega pixel and it is named as "Dual Zeiss Bothie Camera".

First device developed by HMD Global and this device will support upcoming Android "O" version.

Processor-835 Snapdragon
Storage-64GB Internal Storage
Expandable-Update 256GB microSD cards
Battery         -3090mAh
Display-5.3-inch 2K LCD with Gorilla Glass 5
Port -USB 3.1 Type-C

Unibody design and glossy polished copper and polished blue colors and matte tempered blue and steel finishes.

Price-45,000 INR Approximately ( EUR 599 Launched price in london at 17 Aug 2017)

Gone With The Wind - Book Review - Novel by Margaret Mitchell

An Amazing book that is worth every minute you spend reading 1037 pages, trust me, you never get bored it keeps you hooked to the last page and explains beautifully about a civilization and a way of life that no longer exists.

Scarlett O'Hara, the protagonist is a high-spirited girl who grows up in the novel to become an ambitious woman, a mother of 3 kids and faces hardships unimaginable to the pampered belle of the south (Georgia, USA)

The story revolves around scarlett O'Hara, her matrimony and her ultimate reach to true love. First time she marries out of jealousy and spite, the second time for money and finally she realises she is in love with the man whom she has hated for such a long   time only to finally lose him. ( Tragic , I Know but is quite entertaining)
By reading the book you get an idea about life in the south during 1800's and the whole disastorous episode of the American Civil War.
The book touches you very it pangs of a teenage girl, a singl…