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Google Security Alerts for Password Change and Hijacked

Receive SMS and Email whenever your google account password is changed or if your account is being hijacked.

So far we were receiving email alert for password change but now Google introduced a new way to protect account from hackers.

Google stores your ip address and user agent whenever you makes a login and also google has algorithm that checks the login access with a certain area or city or state or county but at the same time if you makes login from different country or state or city or area then google and other websites started asking some more information like choosing right friends from your contacts and etc., to verify that the original user is you or not but this time google will send your notification to your mobile as sms and email notification to your personal email id so your account will be safe.

How to activate notification for your Google account

Login to your Google and go to your account security pageGo to NotificationsSelect the check box of Email and phone for Passw…