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Redmi Note 5 Specification And Price

See the Redmi Note 5 Specification And Price


18:9 Full screen displayCustom display with rounded corners
Procesor & Memory

Octa-core processorSnapdragon 625 2.0GHz maxAdreno 506Dimensions
Height: 158.5mmWidth: 75.45mmThickness: 8.05mmWeight: 180g

18:9 Full screen display15.2cm (5.99) (diagonally)18:9 screen aspect ratio2160 x 1080 FHD+ resolution, 403 PPI, 1000:1 contrast ratio450 nits brightness84% of NTSC color gamutSunlight displayNight displayReading modeColor temperature adjustmentStandard mode
4000mAh (typ) / 3900mAh (min)Non-removable5V/2A
Camera & Video
12MP rear camera12MP, 1.25μm large pixel5-element lens, ƒ/2.2 apertureDual LED flashPDAFLow light enhancementHDRPanoramaBurst modeFace recognition5MP front cameraBeautify 4.0Selfie-lightSelfie countdownFace recognition1080p/720p video, 30fps
Networks & Connectivity
Supports 802.11a/b/g/n protocolsSupports 2.4 / 5G WiFi / WIFI Direct / WiFi DisplayBluetooth 4.2, Bluetooth HID4G dual SIM:
3-choose-2 hybrid S…

Multiple Sign In for Google Talk in Windows OS

Having more than one account in Google but not able to chat/talk with multiple account using Google Talk.Google Officially launched this Multiple Gmail Account on the same browser but for Google Talk its not launched but some of the Geek have found a solution with for Multiple Google Talk sign In.

Learn how you can do this.... Desktop Icon or Window Start button > All Programs > Google TalkRight click and go to propertiesIn Property dialog box replace the / startmenu to / nomutex - example like this from this "C:\Program Files\Google\Google Talk\googletalk.exe" /startmenu " to "C:\Program Files\Google\Google Talk\googletalk.exe" /nomutex"That's It.Restart your Google Talk if it is already open.Now open multiple times Gtalk application (It will open new gtalk application each time you click the Gtalk icon) and sign in with multiple Google account.Here is a video tutorial For you

Blogger Seven Dynamic View With Simple URL Tricks

Enable the Blogger new Seven dynamic template or layout with simple URL Trick without changing the Dynamic View.

Give your readers to new level of experience.This new dynamic template loads 40 percent fast but it will not shown your ads and all other widgets of your blog.
Here is a video tutorial for you.

Feed Burner Is Not Updating your Blog Articles - TroubleShoot

Issue :
Your feed filesize is larger than 512K. You need to reduce its size in order for FeedBurner to process it. Tips for controlling feed file size with Blogger can be found in Tech Tips on FeedBurner Forums, our support site
Feed burner tool only keeps the last 30 recent articles, articles images and adsense (If you have enable this) and all this things should be within 512K Size then there is no problem for you and if its exceeds the limit more than 512K then Feed burner will stop updating your feeds.
How to Troubleshoot this Feed Issue
Go to and click on the feedlink >Navigate to Troubleshootize Tab > Click the Resync Now Button.
If you see the above issue then here is a solution for you
Edit your feed details from this
or like this the feed details and again go to troubleshootize Tab > Click the Resyn Now button and if you see…

BlackBerry Curve 9360

BlackBerry has released a number of phones in the recent months and the new 9360 Curve is the phone set to be released in September.

The device is set to be orientated at the youth market and so comes in at a lower price than the Torch models the company has pushed in recent months. So, how does the lower cost BlackBerry perform?

The phone comes with an 800MHz processor, which we found to be quite sharp and didn’t really have too many lag issues. Clearly the larger 1.2GHz processor is far more ideal for gaming than this chip, but we found it fine for browsing and simple tasks.

The new BlackBerry comes with a quite small 2.44 inch screen, which sites above the phones QWERTY keyboard. The screen is a 480x360 HVGA display and it looks quite decent for its prices, though is nothing on the Android machines. BlackBerry has overlooked a touch screen on the 9360 and the device is an old fashioned one with no capacitive touch abilities – this may not impress kids who can opt for a cheap Androi…

Java coding Standards - Code convention

In this tutorial you will learn how to make more strength to you java classes by adding code convention.
What is Code Convention?
Code convention place a important role while you are writing a simple Hello World java class or Software project. Code conventions are at the following places
1. File Names

> File name should be a minimum of 8 character . > Every word should be begin with Upper case letter like, ,
2.Packages Names

> Package should be always in lowercase letters like itsmypackage or com.project.ui or com.client or com.server
3.Class Names

> Class Name are very similar to file name else your jvm (Java virtual Machine) will not recognize..
4.Interface Names

> Interface are like a small method which doesn't have implementation within a method and you can write interface like a method variables. > Every java will have atleast on class or interface

> Constant is the variable which ca…

Download Website For Offline Usage

Don't have internet connection on home and visiting more frequently browsing center.Now you can download the complete website for offline use and avoid visiting the browsing center.

HTTrack is a free GPL (GNU Licence) and it is a best software for you to browse the World Wide Web for offline use.

What Contents Are Downloaded for your Offline Use from websites

Directory structure for local hyperlinks Website pagesImages and other files that located on server for the web offline usageTransform the online link to locally linking directoryResume the download if your connections are broken during downloadIntegrated with help system You cannot differentiate the online and offline copy because its totally mirrored website.
Advantages More than one URL can be entered for offline downloadsIt download all server located fileHow to Use It           Just go to output folder and click on index.html to view it.
HTTrack is available for Window/ Linux/ BSD/ Unix.

Meta Tag Optimization For Bloggers

Meta Tag is important for your blog to make more traffic from search engine.

Meta Tag are place between your Head opening and closing Tags in your HTML Page.

HTML Page with Meta tags help your Search engine bots to read your content very easily and also helps your end user to drive more traffic to your blog.

Learn How you can include Meta Tag on your Blog or HTML

This is the basic HTML Page with only Meta tag description and keywords.

<TITLE> Meta Tags Optimization - Technology Innovatioj</TITLE>
<meta name=”description” content=”Description of your article”>
<meta name=”keywords” content=”Meta Tags Optimization”>


<meta name=”description” content=”Description of your article”>
Change this "Description of your article" to your content description

<meta name=”keywords” content=”Meta Tags Optimization”>
Change this ”Meta Tags Optimization” to your blog keywords lik…

Dual Boot Windows 7 And Windows 8

Microsoft recently launched Windows 8 Developer Edition and you may be interested to try out the new edition but you might be thinking about whether Windows 8 will support the existing Windows 7 or previous edition application or not.

Installing Windows 7 & Windows 8 with dual boot will give you a better experience but you can install it with the help of Virtual Machine.Installing with Virtual machine will not give you a better experience because already windows 7 or previous edition loaded with primary memory and then again virtual machine need another primary memory for your Windows 8.

Learn How you can Make Dual Boot For Windows 7 & Windows 8
Create New Partition with Atleast 20 GB Free Space.Download the Windows 8 Developer Edition Click here.Burn the DVD with ISO Image file or Create a USB Disk DriveRestart your PC and Enter Into BIOS Setup for Booting Priority Save the BIOS setup and restart your PC.Now Enter your Media Disk to DVD Drive or Plug It your Pen Drive to USB Po…

How Many Pages Are Indexed By Search Engine

Check it out how many pages of your blog or site are got indexed by the most popular search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask and Majestic SEO.

You may be wondering why you are not getting traffic after submitting your blog sitemap to the Search engine webmaster tools and blog directories but you must know it whether your search engine are indexed or not.
This below image is my own blog that Google has indexed with 681 results on 16 September 2011

Google Search Engine Index
Visit and type in the search bar
Bing Search Engine Index
Visit and type in the search bar
Yahoo Search Engine Index
Visit and type in the search bar
Ask Search Engine Index
Visit and type in the search bar
Majestic SEO Index
Visit and type in the search bar

Download Windows 8 Developer Edition from Microsoft

Microsoft launched the developer edition of Windows 8 that you can be downloaded for your 32 bit or 64 bit system

Windows 8 has redesigned the user interface for better touch experience and also enhanced with the App Store and Rich inbuilt apps.

To Download the Windows 8 Developer Edition From Microsoft Developer go to


If you want direct download link from Developer Windows click the below link

32 Bit (x86)

64 Bit(x64)

Windows 8 comes with many keyboard shortcuts that helps you to interact with your apps instantly and here is few keyboard shortcuts for you.

Windows Logo Key + Spacebar – Switch input language and keyboard layout
Windows Logo Key + Y – Temporarily peek at the desktop
Windows Logo Key + O – Locks device orientation
Windows Logo Key + V – Cycles through toasts
Windows Logo Key + Shift + V – Cycles through toasts in reverse order
Windows Logo Key + Enter – Launches Narrator
Windows Logo Key + PgUp – Moves tiles to the left
Windows Logo Key + Pg…

Desktop or Web Screen Video Recorder : Screenr

Learn how you can create a video tutorial from your desktop or web screen for free.

Screenr is a free Instant Screencasts, with a just click away you can record upto 5 minute of free video online and after that you can directly upload it to Youtube.

 I have been looking for this wonderful tool for a long time.Here is my first video captured from desktop as well as from web screen using screenr.

Advantage of Screenr
No need to download any software for screencastDirect Youtube Upload and social sharingDownload Your screencast in MP4 Format

Evolution of Browser 1990 - 2012

Today we are watching live streaming video, playing online game, chatting, emails, earning and we do so many things with the help of modern online web browser but you know how we came for this technology. Thanks to these companies who were innovated a new feature in each version and because of them we can able to feel the technology how it grows and still there is huge competition between each companies.
Internet Explorer - Microsoft

1996 - Version 1 1996 - Version 3 1997 - Version 4 1999 - Version 5 2000 - Version 5.5 2001 - Version 6 2006 - Version 7 2009 - Version 8 2011 - Version 9

Safari - Apple

2004 - Version 1 2005 - Version 2 2007 - Version 3 2009 - Version 4 2010 - Version 5 2011 - Version 5.1
Firefox - Mozilla

2004 - Version 1 2005 - Version 1.5 2006 - Version 2 2008 - Version 3 2009 - Version 3.5 2011 - Version 4 2011 - Version 5 2011 - Version 6
Chrome - Google
2008 - Version 1 2009 - Version 2 2009 - Version 3 2010 - Version 4 2010 - Version 5 2010 - Version 6 2010 - Version…

Google ads are not relavant to your article

Google Ads are running up in your blog and you see the contextual ads are not relavant to your blog.

Why ads are not relavant?

In your blog you have so many things like connect with us i.e, social widgets, sharing social widgets, about author, popular article and so on. So when your page loads up, Google ads also start looking for "Section targeting" whether you have define or not. If you defined section targeting then relavnt ads will appear else some irrelavant ads will appear.
<br /><!-- google_ad_section_start --><br /><br /><!-- google_ad_section_end --><br />
Google adsense has some kind of section targeting that you have to initialize it before you write an article and you should close the section targeting when you complete the article then only relevant ads will be displayed and you revenue will be more.

How Do I Implement this Section Targeting on My Blog

Here is the sample format for you
<br /><html><head><title>…

Know your Blog Subscribers Email Id

Export your subscriber email Id as CSV or Spreadsheet.
Feedburner is a great tool for burning your blog articles into Search engine friendly rss or atom feed and also provides you a free email subscription tool and live feed subscriber.
If somebody is subscribing your blog with email subscription, then here is chance for blog owner to view their subscribers email id.
How to View Email Id's
Go to Feedburner.comLogin with your feedburner accountClick on your feed Title > Publicize tab Services > Email SubscriptionAt the end of page you will see a View Subscriber DetailsView your subscribers email Id online and if you wish you need for offline just click on Export CSV ( Spreadsheet Extension )

Sony Tablet P Specification, Price And Features

Sony Tablet P is the first foldable Android Honeycomb that comes with highlighted feature like Dual 5.5" Touch Screens, Universal IR Remote, Android Honeycomb, 4G Capable, Sony Entertainment Network With Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited And Games For PS Certified Devices.
Price : Rs :25,000 $ :$555.55

Specification NetworkTechnology / Frequency BandsGSM : 850/900/1800/1900 MHz HSDPA : 900/2100 MHzBattery