Opera Mini Browser on PC for Internet Surfing through Mobile GPRS

If you are using dial up connection internet connection in your PC with the help of your mobile GPRS connectivity then here is the chance to optimize you internet connection speed.

Best Browsers For Your PC 

 Normally GPRS internet connection provides 144kbps speed which is best speed for your mobile browser but the same connection if you are using in your PC then you will be trying to open multiple sites just like you are connected to broadband connection so GPRS will not give good response for your connection.There are lot of internet connectivity booster tools availble in the internet but it could help for someone not for all.In this article i am going to explain you how to optimize your pc internet connectivity with the help of GPRS Mobile.


1.Java SE Development Kit (JDK) from here
2.Go to Sun Oracle website and download Wireless Toolkit depend upon your platform
3.Download Opera Mini Large Device in two resolution 800x505 and 1200x705
4.Download opera-mini and save it in your desktop.


How to Install
1.First Install JDK
2.Now install Wireless Toolkit
3.After installing Wireless Toolkit unzip your downloaded "Opera Mini Large Device"  either OperaMiniLargeDevice1200x705 or OperaMiniLargeDevice800x505 and then copy the extracted directory to Path to Systemdrive:\WTk\wtklib\devices\(for eg:- c:\WTk\wtklib\devices\)
4. Now go to Start->All Programs->Sun WTK->Default Device Selection and select "OperaMiniLargeDevice".
5.Then  Start->All Programs->Sun WTK->Run MIDP Application to start Opera Mini via its JAD file

Now browse all you sites in opera mini as fast as fast.


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