Wireless Laser Mouse For Pc's

Wireless Laser Mouse For Pc's
Targus the leading provider for laptop cases and bags innovated a new wireless laser mouse which can be used upto 10 meter length in range.

Now sits comfortably on your sofa or wherever you want and enjoy scrolling your pc stuff with wireless.

How It Works?

Wireless Mouse operated in the RF 2.4GHZ technology and this Wireless mouse pack comes with mouse and USB Port.USB and Mouse you can view from the above image itself.The USB port device is act as receiver and it gets signal from wireless laser mouse.

This device comes with equipped energized batteries to transmit the user operated signal and this device claims to offer 15 months of battery life.

Battery Strength signal will shown on Wireless device mouse itself.Mouse for both right hand user and left hand user.

To know the specification details AMW51AP.

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