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Redmi Note 5 Specification And Price

See the Redmi Note 5 Specification And Price


18:9 Full screen displayCustom display with rounded corners
Procesor & Memory

Octa-core processorSnapdragon 625 2.0GHz maxAdreno 506Dimensions
Height: 158.5mmWidth: 75.45mmThickness: 8.05mmWeight: 180g

18:9 Full screen display15.2cm (5.99) (diagonally)18:9 screen aspect ratio2160 x 1080 FHD+ resolution, 403 PPI, 1000:1 contrast ratio450 nits brightness84% of NTSC color gamutSunlight displayNight displayReading modeColor temperature adjustmentStandard mode
4000mAh (typ) / 3900mAh (min)Non-removable5V/2A
Camera & Video
12MP rear camera12MP, 1.25μm large pixel5-element lens, ƒ/2.2 apertureDual LED flashPDAFLow light enhancementHDRPanoramaBurst modeFace recognition5MP front cameraBeautify 4.0Selfie-lightSelfie countdownFace recognition1080p/720p video, 30fps
Networks & Connectivity
Supports 802.11a/b/g/n protocolsSupports 2.4 / 5G WiFi / WIFI Direct / WiFi DisplayBluetooth 4.2, Bluetooth HID4G dual SIM:
3-choose-2 hybrid S…

How To Display Adbrite or Bidvertiser or other Ads Unit between Your Blog Post

Earning Money from internet is not so easy in the earliest but when google introduces Adsense, most of them started blogging to share their knowledge with other as well as to earn money either from Google adsense or other ad networks like Adbrite, Bidvertiser, etc.

If Google Adsense Approved for blog then it is very easy to display ads between blog post because blogger platform is from google. Displaying third party ads unit in blog side bar ,top and bottom places is very easy but it is very difficult to display ads unit between blog post .In this tutorial i am going to tell how to add others ads unit in between blog posts.

To do this just follow the below procedure to obtain it.....

1.Go to your Ads Network site and Get your Ads Unit Code.
2.Now Go to Parse HTML and paste your Ads Unit code and then click on Parse Button.
3.After parsing the code get the new code from the site which is converted your ads unit script code to HTML Code.
4.Login your and go to Layout -> …

Socialize Your Blog Feed with Twitter and Use Google URL Shortener

Google URL Shortner is used to squeeze the web links that is easier to share with friends like social sites, emails and sms.Most of them want to publicize their blog articles in social site but when they put blog article headline along with the link then social site will update the status if the characters is limited to 144 character but if exceeds 144 character then the content is not getting published.

In this article i am going to explain you how to use Google URL shortner for your blog article to socialize in social site "Twitter".

Google URL Shortner is only for Google products.

If you are Already burned feed for your blog in FeedBurner means you can  skip step 1 and 2.

Go to and login with your google account.After Successful login Create your blog feed.Now click on your created Feed.It will show your Feed burner Dashboard.In Dashboard Click on Publicize Tab.In publicize tab look out for service which is in right column and click on Socialize LinkNow clic…

iSIM Provides Four Phone Number in Single Handset with Single SIM Slot

iSIM (Intelligent Subscriber Identity Module) is a new innovation in telecom technology made by Motoralla.This iSIM provides cellphone users to perform four phone number in single handset with single sim slot.

Initially mobile phone are coming with single sim card slot later it's proceeds to dual sim card slot and now tri sim card slot but it is very difficult to manage and also it requires more battery to access all the networks connectivity but motorala has solved problem and very soon is to going to launch in india.

Whether we need to buy this iSIM to access four numbers in single handset?
No.You can use your existing network sim and there is a small wafer that is going to attach with it and this allows the cellphone user to access other three network number with your exisiting number.

iSIM Four Phone Numbers Need four IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity)?
No.Each iSIM comes with Four IMSI(Internation MObile Subscriber Identity) and each IMSI is unique and 15 digit numb…

Manage Your WebSite Timing Specially on Social Sites

Some people who spends more time on browsing its really hard work to learn new things because internet has millions of content but this positive attitude will lead your time management.

Time management is very important role in our life and the person who manage time will become more successful.

In this article i am going to tell you how to control your website timing specially for those who spend more time on social networking. is a free website where you control your timing limits for any website to do so just visit the site and then enter the domain name and time  now click on the please button then it will open new tab for you visiting site and don't close the tab because is going to control your website time limits from their website scripts and even you can customize your popup alerts to know the remaining time for the particular website..

You can control your timing limits for any site without visiting …

Invention of 3D Television Can Cause Disease -By Samsung

Samsung the World's Leader in Home Appliance says that they new invention of 3D Television can cause Disease.The Most Anticipated 3D Television is launched and may look like the future of television but it cause high blood pressure , motion sickness , eye strain and other health conditions.

Continuous watching of 3D television initially it starts with headache and ends with even strokes remember that strokes most often cause death.

If people really want to Enjoy the 3D television then people should take frequent breaks to prevent from the disease

Avoid Watching 3D television if you have high blood pleasure.

Search Twitter Tweet Archives in Google Search Engine

Twitter is a best way to share and discover what is happening right now.Google again innovated a new search for micro blogging site twitter in Google Search Engine.Now you can search twitter archives on Google which makes you to search the latest tweets in real time and also it display the image of the member who share this content.To Explore Twitter archives Search in Google search engine.
Go to and search for your content then Google will show you result as normal then Look for "Show Option" this Option will be available in Google results status bar.After Clicking the Show Option link now Google will provide right column in Google Page in that find All Results - > "Updates" Click on it.

I did "Google Twitter" search in Google Search Engine and it displays Twitter archives results and you can see this from below image

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View Entire System Information In Your Desktop

Desktop-Info is a Free software which provides you to view the entire system information like date, time, booted time, cpu usage, ram memory, page file , network adapters, mac address, ip address, gateway, net packets, storage size, application process, system events and security events all information in your desktop.This software helps you to view all system information in one place instead of searching for different process information in different application as well this application is transparent so you can see the desktop wallpaper as it is.
This application is small in size and doesn't need to install in your system.Just download this with the below given link and then unzip the application.After unzipping go to the directory and run Desktop-Info now come back to desktop there you will see all the process information will displaying in your desktop like this below image.

Download Here
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How to Open Password Protected PDF File

Portable Document Format is shortly abbreviated as PDF.PDF doesn't allows users to edit the content its in read only file that means you can only read the document.Password protected pdf is created to provide more security for the document and the document content is only visible when your password matches.Friends who share the PDF file online they forget the password and they dont no what to do.In order to remove the password from protected PDF file ..

Go to FreeMyPDF.Com is free website where you can remove password from protected PDF file easily.To do so just visit and upload your password protected PDF file and click on Do it button that's it.

FreeMyPDF.Com limitation is it allows only Upto 7mb PDF File so you can't remove password from protected PDF file which is greater than 7mb.
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Tweet Your Blog Article in Google Buzz To Be Publicize

Google Buzz is new web based application from Google where we can buzz text,images and video etc.Its like micro blogging social site from Google like twitter.Using this buzz that blogger can send blog articles headlines to their friends so that some one can read and also can make a comment for that article.In this article i am going to tell you how to synchronous your blog and social site buzz.
In order to do this you should have unique valid Google account for gmail and blogger.
1.Login to and login with your Google Account.
2.After Successful login now go to buzz
3.In buzz Click on Connected Sites which is above the text box
4.Now Add your blog from the list
5.Thats it.Now whenever you post article from blog it will automatically share to your friends ....
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Good news for organization, students and developers because Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 is going to unveil on 12th April.This Visual Studio 2010 package comes with .Net Framework 4.0 and silver light 4.0 and its seems to be very user friendly Graphical user interface so that developers , students and employee can complete certain  task by mouse clicks without writing a code.After a huge successful sales of windows 7 kit now microsoft expects that visual studio 2010 will lead.
This Dot Net Framework 4.0 solves all the existing development problem and it is very user friendly to use.Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 is an integrated environment that simplifies the basic tasks of creating, debugging and deploying applications.

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3 Lakhs Apple iPads Gadget Sold on First Day

Image Description:Apple Ipad                                    Most Anticipated Apple Ipad launched and it sold 3 lakhs gadget on first day  itself.Every time Apple is innovating different gadget when compare to others technologies and also made their gadget best in every thing quality ,stylish, customer expectation and user friendly the concept of Apple is "first impression is best impression" for their every gadgets.

The best way to experience the web, email, photos, and video.
What Application Comes with Apple Ipad?

Safari - iPad is the best way to experience the webMail - Read & Touch your emailsPhoto - Play a slide show and share your photosVideos - Watch HD movies, TV shows, podcasts, music videos and moreYouTube - YouTube application designed specifically for iPadiPod - Play and touch your musics and albumsiTunes - Millions of songs, thousands of movies and TV showsApp Store - Find more than 150,000 apps on the App StoreiBooks - Text looks crisp and brightMaps - Fin…