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This is the best android app for managing your daily expense. This app is designed based on best user experience (means : You don't have to type the description text and amount). Everything can be done in a couple of clicks.

Eye catching user interface and user friendly screen space for your fast action & wizard mode designed, so you can rest your fingers without typing it.

I have really enjoyed making the app and i hope this will be very useful app for our daily life. Share this article to help us for building the great features and enhanced functionalities.

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Elegant User Interface with catchy icons 

Select the amount range without typing it 

Do the small amount changes and save it.

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Gone With The Wind - Book Review - Novel by Margaret Mitchell

An Amazing book that is worth every minute you spend reading 1037 pages, trust me, you never get bored it keeps you hooked to the last page and explains beautifully about a civilization and a way of life that no longer exists.

Scarlett O'Hara, the protagonist is a high-spirited girl who grows up in the novel to become an ambitious woman, a mother of 3 kids and faces hardships unimaginable to the pampered belle of the south (Georgia, USA)

The story revolves around scarlett O'Hara, her matrimony and her ultimate reach to true love. First time she marries out of jealousy and spite, the second time for money and finally she realises she is in love with the man whom she has hated for such a long   time only to finally lose him. ( Tragic , I Know but is quite entertaining)

By reading the book you get an idea about life in the south during 1800's and the whole disastorous episode of the American Civil War.

The book touches you very it pangs of a teenage girl, a single mother, a widow , a woman in poverty and an ambitious woman who leaves no stone unturned to get what she wants.
Many characters in the novel are inspiring and quite lovable. Melanie Hamilton and Ellen O' Hara are depicted as epitome of goodness in southern women.

The relationship between the whites and their slaves is also depicted satisfactorily. The character of Mammy and her language helps you to easily imagine these people in life and blood. Honest confessions of Rhett Butler at the end of the novel is heart-wrenching and sweeps you off your feet. 

Why this book is amazing?

Scarlett is'nt a typical heroine, who is wronged by her enemies, shows high moral values and forgiveness towards them and gains peace..... a big NOOOOOOOO!!!

She is a normal girl who you can relate to, who has her own strengths and weaknesses, she yeilds to passion, is headstrong, manipulative and makes a lot of mistakes which she regrets later in life but everyone of us in this world has their own fair share of regrets in life right? you would'nt consider Scarlett as your role model but you would admire her guts for breaking stereotype roles of women and being a survivor who fights against all odds. she has a spark that would light a hope in every woman who has done wrong or been wronged.

On the whole, this book is a treat to enjoy and leaves you overwhelmed, leaving its characters etched in our hearts forever!

Quotes from this Book
Hardships make or break people. - Gone With the Wind - Margaret Mitchell

Frankly, my dear, I don't give a DAMN. - Gone With the Wind - Margaret Mitchell

With Enough Courage You Can Do Without A Reputation  - Gone With the Wind - Margaret Mitchell

That is the one unforgivable sin in any society. Be Different and Be Damned! - Gone With the Wind - Margaret Mitchell

You Can Buy This Book in Amazon Website

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Amazon India

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Misbah is a passionate blogger who reads lot of books and very interested to write the book reviews.


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