Feed Burner Is Not Updating your Blog Articles - TroubleShoot

Issue :
Your feed filesize is larger than 512K. You need to reduce its size in order for FeedBurner to process it. Tips for controlling feed file size with Blogger can be found in Tech Tips on FeedBurner Forums, our support site

Feed burner tool only keeps the last 30 recent articles, articles images and adsense (If you have enable this) and all this things should be within 512K Size then there is no problem for you and if its exceeds the limit more than 512K then Feed burner will stop updating your feeds.

How to Troubleshoot this Feed Issue

Go to Feedburner.com and click on the feedlink >Navigate to Troubleshootize Tab > Click the Resync Now Button.

If you see the above issue then here is a solution for you

Edit your feed details from this




to like this


Save the feed details and again go to troubleshootize Tab > Click the Resyn Now button and if you see this successful message like this

You have successfully resynchronized the feed "feed Name"

then your issue is resolved if it is not again reduce your max-results and again try it until your issue is resolved


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