Best Android App for Junk Cleaning, App Manager And For App Lock

Clean Master is the best app when it comes to clean the junk files, boost your phone or optimized speed, lock your apps for better privacy and Manage your apps.

I have been using this app from last couple of months and i thought to share my review over the blog.

Clean Junk Files

  • When i install the clean master for the first time, it removed about 1.2 GB space and i didn't believe it but later when i removed apps, i understand that uninstalling apps will just delete necessary files not all the files.
  • Most of the video apps are creating thumbnails for the video in the background and this is another storage space occupies.
  • So this clean master remove the app unwanted files and folders.

Boost Your Phone

  • Your phone is slowing down when you used to open many apps or when you open one big game and after you close, the whole memory which was consumed is not recoverable. So this option will close unused apps and clear your RAM memory.

Lock Apps

  • This is the new feature added by Clean Master and why i preferred this because it has unique interface for individual app with app icon matching background color and also it has one time lock feature which means you can open apps several times without unlocking the app after the first successful unlock. Again it will put your apps in lock mode when you put your device in lock mode or sleep mode.

Manage Apps

  • Battery is quickly discharging because of the cpu overheating and frequently apps restarting and this is the highlighted feature of this app, where you can uninstall this kind of apps to make your phone better and also it suggests you to disable the preinstalled apps without rooting and this gives you more memory for your device and more speed for your phone.

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