Transform Your Flash Files To HTML And JavaScript - Google Swiffy

Flash content is compatible with your desktop browser but the same flash file is not compatible with your Smartphone and Tablets devices.

If you are web designer or running a website company then this article is very important for you.

There are plenty of software's available on the internet to transform the Flash based animation files to GIF (Graphical interchange format), Some software add water mark to them ( For using the free version ) and some software changes the quality.

Google swiffy is new the experiment from the google.

Go to this website and upload your flash file (Size less than 1mb) and agree to Google terms for the service and instantly you will receive the HTML file with inbuilt javascript for your flash file and put this implemented HTML & javascript content in your website to make your website compatible with desktop browser, mobile browser and tablets.

Google Swiffy allowing you to reuse your flash content without Flash players. Swiffy is under beta during the publish of this article and also Swiffy can't yet convert DoubleClick Studio creatives...

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