Samsung Galaxy S5 - Metal Body With Bendable OLED Screen

Just before a few days the metal frame of Samsung Galaxy S5 has become very famous on the internet.Now a report comes from Samsung that Galaxy S5 is coming in two variants.

According to South Korean newspaper ET news has announced that one variant of the Galaxy S5 will be in metal body with bendable OLED screen where as the  other variant of Galaxy S5 will be in plastic body similar to the "S" series of Samsung Galaxy phones.Galaxy S5 will be launched with second generation of Galaxy Gear smart watch with 15-20% of thinner.

The handset will be in production in the month of January 2014 and will be released on March 2014, says the ETNews.

According to SamMobile the technical specification for one variant is 64 bit Exynos chip where as the other one variant powered by Snapdragon chip. Around the internet the specification of Galaxy S5 is rumored like display with 2k resolution, 16MP HD Camera, 4000mAh battery and with the latest version of Android kitkat 4.4 will be available.

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