Best Expense Manager App For Your Android Phone

This is the best android app for managing your daily expense. This app is designed based on best user experience (means : You don't have to type the description text and amount). Everything can be done in a couple of clicks.

Eye catching user interface and user friendly screen space for your fast action & wizard mode designed, so you can rest your fingers without typing it.

I have really enjoyed making the app and i hope this will be very useful app for our daily life. Share this article to help us for building the great features and enhanced functionalities.

App Logo

Screen Shots

Elegant User Interface with catchy icons 

Select the amount range without typing it 

Do the small amount changes and save it.

Daily Expenses Report
Monthly Summary Report

Expenses Category List  Food ExpenseBeverages ExpenseTravel ExpenseVeg. ExpenseRecharge ExpenseCharity ExpenseMeat ExpenseShopping ExpensePetrol ExpenseFruits ExpenseHealth Care ExpenseRent ExpenseEvent ExpenseVacation ExpenseOther Expense - A…

Best 5 Features in Android 4.4 Kitkat

Google has at last released android 4.4 KitKat as the newest version of its mobile OS. This update brings some visual changes to the android OS. The visual changes include better and more immersible graphics and a deeper integration with Google Now which is Google’s intelligent assistant. Here are the best 5 Features in Android 4.4 Kitkat.

User interface tweaks:
This operating system has a semi-transparent menu bar which is located at the bottom of the screen. It also has new transition effects when the app launcher is opened. Android 4.4 kitkat has full screen previews of wallpapers which extend to the tray. The lock screen widgets on music and movie apps now have the seek and jump option that allows you to move to a precise part. Emoticon lovers also have the option of using the Emoji keyboard. You can also switch to full screen mode when playing games and reading books for a bigger picture.

Better Cloud printing support:
With this OS, you will be able to print docs, pictures as well as web pages straight from your phone through any printers that are connected to Google Cloud Print or other printers with apps on Google Play Store.

Better Google Now Integration:
This new improved version of Google Now allows the user to say “OK Google” when on the home screen so as to launch it. You can also perform a voice search, get directions, play songs and send texts by saying “OK Google”. It can now be launched by a simple swipe to the left. While the feature is present on the Nexus 5, it is not clear whether it will be found on other Android kitkat devices. Google says that they will enhance Google Now in the coming weeks with card types which bring up info about appropriate topics of your interest including updates from your favorite blog or website.

Unified Hangouts:
This is a messaging app that unifies Hangouts, SMS, and MMS, among other things. The new Hangouts app lets the user share their location information as well as send animated GIFs.

New dialler/ caller ID:
This new application arranges your contacts based on priority. The people you interact with the most are given a priority over all the others. You can now search for contacts or nearby locations in your phone’s search bar. The caller ID has been modified so that if somebody calls you and you have not saved their number in your contacts, the phone looks for matches from all businesses with local listings. This way, you will be able to know who called you.

The new Android operating system definitely has interesting new features. Since the update from Android jelly bean 4.2 to 4.3 was small, many Android OS lovers will openly welcome this iteration because it has a lot of new features. Get yourself a device with this new OS and test it out for yourself. If you value your contacts, then this is the OS for you. If you want to search for more features about Android Kitkat, then sky telephone number helps you to provide best broadband services in UK and Ireland.

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