Google Chromebook Review and Prices

Google Chromebook laptop powered by Intel celeron processor. Google Chromebook  now available in India with two models.

  1. Acer Chromebook 11.6 inch @ 23K 
  2. HP Chromebook 14 inch @ 27k 
Prices rate are based on Flipkart website

Its a decent  machine for browsing the internet or web and its lightweight, sleek, feels solid - the performance and battery life is not great when you are streaming the web videos.

Chromebook comes with Google Chrome browser and nothing else which means you can't install Photoshop, Microsoft office, iTunes, not even a single software that you used to install on Windows or Linux or Mac machines but you can find Chrome extension on Chromebook and thus you can enjoy a lot more on the web.

Chromebook are cloud-based and you can store all your documents to your Google Drive otherwise you can save it on Flash Disk or Pen Drive using Chromebook USB Drives.

You cannot play your CD or DVD on Chromebook and also you portable hardware that you use to connect with USB may not work like printer or other hardware's.

Source : Labnol

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