Enabling Port Access on Amazon EC2 Instance

Application is working on EC2 local web browser but the same application is not working from the remote using instance IP Address and Server Port number.

Running your enterprise application on Amazon Easy Cloud Compute Instance then you need to Enable the port access from the firewall settings and also from the Amazon Security Group.

Steps for Enabling the Port Access for Amazon Security Group

  1. Go to Amazon web Service (http://aws.amazon.com/) > My Account/ Console > Login with your credentials 
  2. Go to Amazon EC2 (https://console.aws.amazon.com/ec2/v2/home)
  3. Select your instance region from the top right menu bar
  4. Click on Instance and note down the Security Group name from the Security Groups Column
  5. Click on Security Groups From the Left Menu under the NETWORK & SECURITY
  6. Click on the Security Group Name which you note down on Step 4
  7. Go to Inbound Tab > 

   Protocol     - Custom TCP rule  (Choose depend on your protocol need)
   From Port  -  8080 (Your Server Port number)
   To Port      -  8080 (Your Server Port number)
   Source      -
Click Add Rule > Apply Rule Changes

     8. That's it. Now check with your instance ip address and port number it will be working  fine.

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