Updating Ubuntu Server Date And Time Using Terminal or Command

Update the Date and Time in Ubuntu Operating System using commands.

sudo date nnddhhmmyyyy.ss

Description for Command
  • nn is a two digit month, between 01 to 12.
  • dd is a two digit day, between 01 and 31, with the regular rules for days according to month and year applying.
  • hh is two digit hour, using the 24-hour period so it is between 00 and 23.
  • mm is two digit minute, between 00 and 59.
  • yyyy is the year; it can be two digit or four digit: your choice. I prefer to use four digit years whenever I can for better clarity and less confusion.
  • ss is two digit seconds. Notice the period ‘.’ before the ss.

Let’s say you want to set your computer’s new time to December 6, 2013, 22:43:55, then you would use:
sudo date 120622432013.55

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