Image compression using java

There are no specific API is available for compressing the images.

Supported format files are JPG (Joint Photography Experts Group) and PNG (Portable Network Graphics)
  • Download Jar (Java Archive) which is developed by Java Query API
  • Create a instance using ImageResize Class and using that object call the method compressImage

ImageResize ir = new ImageResize();
 ir.compressImage("Source Location", "Destination ", width, height);

String Parameter: Source Location and Destination
Integer Parameter: width and height

Parameters Description:

·         1st Parameter : Source Location , Example c:\\demo\\image.jpg
·         2nd Parameter : if you mention “default” then it will compress the original image and if you mention the destination location then it will create a new compressed image
·         3rd Parameter  & 4th Parameter : if you enter 0 for both then image resolution will not change but if you mention some value greater than 0 then image resolution will be changed.

That’s it.  Thanks to the Java Query API for implementing this API.

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