Android Phone Act As A Wireless Mouse Or Keyboard Or Trackpad

Learn how you can use your android smartphone device as a wireless mouse or wireless keyboard or Trackpad for your Windows / Mac desktop or laptop.

android wifi mouseandroid  wifi keyboardandroid wifi mouse keyboard settings

How to Setup with your android device

  1. Download Wifi Mouse from Android Google Play  
  2. Download Mouse server for windows or Mac os
  3. Install Wifi mouse on your android device and Mouse server on your desktop/laptop.
  4. Run the mouse server as an admin (Right click and run as an adminstractor) on your pc.
  5. Connect your laptop/desktop and android device with same wifi connection.
  6. Open your android app and click auto connect.
  7. That's it.Now your connection has been established and enjoy controlling your mouse, trackpad and keyboard wireless with your android device.

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