Windows Evolution - Hardware, Software And Technology

Many of you have using windows operating system in home, office ,schools and etc., but did you know that how Microsoft delivered each version of windows in different year.

Just look at the below image to know Microsoft windows version , year and the other thing from the image you can see how the hardware and interaction at that time.
Windows Evolution

Each version has it own slogan (This is the  slogan either from microsoft or

Windows 1.0 - Won't it explode if i press this button

Windows 95 - How to find secret doors in doom

Windows 98 - My first internet experience

Windows 2000 - I'm feeling lucky to meet the new millennium

Windows XP - Confess, you also play Solitaire at work?

Windows Vista - Bro, will you add me on Facebook ?

Windows 7 - Just fed my ---- on Farmville

Windows 8 - Thinner. Lighter. Fasters

This images doesn't include windows 2, 3, Me edition and etc.,

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