Superb Google Tricks for the Teachers

The present era is the Google era…With such a wide range of projects, classes and homework, time has really become a premium concept for the teachers. Hence, the time has come to use Google more efficiently. Come and take the advantage of this enormous web world around you. Google’s educational tools, excellent search tricks, tips of using Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Docs and similar other tricks will surely save your precious time.

Search Tricks

Searching is an important aspect of education in Google and if you get to know some tips and tricks about online research, what can be better than that? These tricks can effectively save your time when you are looking for some vital information across the internet.

Getting a Definition

Do you want to get a definition without much effort? Simply type “definition:word” and get the word’s definition without taking the effort of looking down the online dictionary.

Search In A Particular Kind Of Website

Are you searching for something related to education? Then, why look at all the websites? Type “site:edu” for searching the educational sites and “site:gov” for browsing through the government websites. Similar is the case with the file types. For specific file type, you can mention the type and make your search much easier and faster.

 A Timeline Search

You can use “view.timeline” after your research term so that you get the timeline for the particular topic.

Go for Image Search

If you are trying to insert some picture for a specific term, then after typing the search word choose Images. The image related to that term will be readily displayed.

Use ‘Show Options’ for Refined Search

When the search page is displayed, click on “show Options”. You can get access to the tools which will assist you to refine and filter your results.

 Google Items for Education

A. Google Earth’s Sky

How about viewing the night sky in your PC screen? It is made possible by this feature. See straight from your PC screen how the sky looks at night.

B. Google Notebook

In order to get research material for your project or paper, use the feature of Google Notebook. This is a note-taking tool that will make your project preparation easier and time-saving.

C. iGoogle

By creating an iGoogle page, make it the homepage. With this, you will get direct access to blogs, Google calendar, latest news and so on. This will certainly make your study much better.

D. Google Groups

‘Group study’ is a popular concept and also an effective one. Google now offers you this opportunity to collaborate and communicate in groups. Grab this chance and form a study group without meeting each other face-to-face.

E. Google News

Staying updated with the recent news is a significant feature of education. Through Google News you can know the latest happenings across the world. You do not have to make too much effort for acquiring the current news.

These are some of the educational tools that can really be effective and helpful for you.

Is this a post from Technology Innovation ?

No. This is a guest post by Amber Gill from IT PC software support. To know more about Google’s educational tools.

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