Apple Keynote Live Streaming on September 12 in San Francisco

After a long time , Apple will announce its new iPhone 5 or new iPhone on Wednesday, September 12th.

The Apple invitation tagline says “It’s almost here.” with a shadow of “5” from that we can easily realize that iPhone 5 is going to unveild in this event.

What we can expect from this event ?
  •  A new design, Taller , Thinner
  •  A new dock connector
  •  iOS 6 updates
  •  New Device if Apple store has

iPhone - Image From Gizmodo

 Event local time -

 Live Event

iPhone 5

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Worldwide Starting Time, Sep 12th

Hawaii 07:00AM

Pacific 10:00AM

Mountain 11:00AM

Central 12:00PM

Eastern 01:00PM

London 06:00PM

Paris 07:00PM

Moscow 09:00PM

New Delhi 10:30PM

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