iGoogle Will be Discontinued on November 2013

Customized personal home page from Google called iGoogle allows you to add gadgets of weather , mail , news, blog updates and more.iGoogle will be shutdown because of modern apps for Android smartphone and Chrome Apps.

In 2005, Google introduced iGoogle to bring  Google functionality and content across the web together, in a ways that will be very useful for users.

iGoogle is all in all widgets page and from that Google bring too many products like

  • Google reader for reading rss feed or atom feed but introduced in iGoogle as a widget for blog updates or website updates
  • Google Play for games and apps, Chrome webstore for apps but introduced in Google with small games as a  widget 
  • Google+ user interface, apps, themes , dashboard all from iGoogle
With iGoogle shutdown, Google also announces that Google Mini, Google Talk Chatback, Symbian based Google search app will be no longer available.


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