Google Products or Service Can Be Used In Slow Internet Connection

Learn how you can use google services when you have a slow internet connection.

1. Gmail using HTML 
                               Login to your gmail account after the authentication replace your URL to this to see the gmail in basic html mode (Disable Chat, Labs, Settings and etc).If you are using always slow internet connection then click this as a preferred mode, So next time you dont have to replace the URL.

2. Google Instant Search
                               Go to your google search preferences page. Select "never show Instant results" and then click "Save" or visit this link if you are not logged in to any google account .Now whenever you type in google search box then no suggestion results list will be produced as you type and it will show you results only when you hit the enter button

3. YouTube Feather 
                              You can use youtube to stream the video in 240p if you have slow connection. Join the feather beta program and then stream video at 240p (The work is in progress and it will not available for all videos)

4. Google image search 
                              You can use the old google image search interface is better for slow connections so that you can easily navigate page by page

5. Google's transcoder 
                             If you are using mobile connection or dial up connection then use google transcoder and enter your web page url. Transcoder is quick because of compressed data, with small images , good layout and no scripts

6. Google Cache 
                            If you want to read text of any page then use google cache text-only simplified version from google cache. Cache is the old version of any page and it is not fetching the latest or updated version of the cache page
How to use - visit and type "" or "

7.Chrome User Agent
                                Change your desktop chrome browser to your iphone or ipad or android device browser by switching the user agent in browser  settings and will help you to take the webpages based on your device selection.

How to do this - Go to chrome browser -> Developer tools (Ctrl + Shift + I for windows and linux , Command - Option - I for mac) -> Settings button at the bottom of chrome browser > User agent > Enable Override user agent > Select your own device.

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