Apple Siri with BMW, Toyota, Honda, Audi And Mercedez Benz

Apple Siri lets you to talk with your device to complete your task with just voice recognition but think if this integration comes with cars then just imagine how it will be, because you don't have to see the car dashboard to attend the call, maps navigation , music, fm channels because all you can do this with your voice and its hands free + eyes free.

According to WWDC 2012 announcement we heard that apple is partnering with several automakers to integrate the Siri features in car and also Apple announces the automaker companies are BMW, Toyota, Mercedez-Benz, Honda and Audi .

A new button will be introduced in steering wheel for Siri activation and this will be a new change for drivers who were using Gps Navigation (Eye Distraction ), Phone calls, FM Radio and Music (Hand Distraction ) .

Implementing this Siri integration with car people think that it will reduce the hand and eye distraction but when implemented this at that time only we will be able to find whether it is reduced the distraction or increased.


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