New Top Level Domain in .Lol, .Google, .Docs And .Youtube

New Top Level Domains .Lol, .Google, .Docs And .Youtube submitted by Google to ICANN ( Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) after the ICANN announcement on its own blog.

Why New Domain?
Because in 2016 Half of the world population will be online so we need new extension domain and for that only there is major upgrade from IPV4 (32 bit) to IPV6 (64 bit).

Google applied these four domain to ICANN but the approved domain extension will be announced later.Google, Docs, Youtube these words are Google products and its most popular but Lol is a more popular word on the internet.

Google aims to grow the number of Top level domains in four categories such above four and similarly other companies like facebook, twitter and microsoft can submit their favorite product to ICANN for new domain extension so that we can get a large website collection.


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