Install Multiple Software with one Click on Windows Platform

When you install a fresh new operating system then you might be spending a lot time for installing all your favorite software in your system with one by one but you can do this multiple software installation with one click.

Lets save some time by doing this.


Simply visit and select all your favorite application from different categories from their website and after that download the ninite installer to your pc.

Install the download ninite installer to install your favorite software with one click which you chosen on the ninite website and note ninite is fully automated so it will install all software with its defaults settings.

The beauty of ninite installer is : If you run this installer after one or two year then also it will search the latest version and install it.


Npackd will help you to install more than 250 application with one click . Its an open source application manager for windows platform and offer installation and uninstallation .

Once you installed Npackd then you don't need to search for any update because this application will update all installed software application.


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