Disable Delete confirmation dialog in windows

Whenever you do delete a file on windows system then its going to move the file to the Recycle bin then why you need confirmation dialog box. Lets disable this dialog box for in windows system.

  • Right Click the Recycle Bin Icon and then choose Properties.
  • Deselect the check box of "Display delete confirmation option" > Ok
  • Now whenever you delete the file then it will directly move to Recycle Bin but no more confirmation .

All windows version have this confirmation dialog feature by default but Windows 8. To Enable this feature do the same but select the check box of Display delete confirmation option and click ok

Delete the file permanentely

I.Select the file and Press Shift + Delete instead of Delete button.

II. Recycle Bin properties > Select the button of "Don't move files to the Recycle Bin.Remove files immediately  when deleted."


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