Android Jelly Bean 4.1 - Features

Android Ice cream sandwich was came up with new interface and Jelly bean is just refining the interface, better performance, and too many new features.

Android Jelly Bean version 4.1 has improved screen smoother , fast scrolling , transitions and better animation look.

New things added in notifications

        Rich notification that include more content and buttons.Notification can be customized to a powerful widgets so that you can share articles, snooze alerts and also you can display pictures.

                Now android predicts what you are going to type and even it guess what will be the next word which will suite the sentence.

The Good thing is for word prediction is works without a need of internet.

              Text to speech is also working without a need of internet but right now supports only english.

Google Search App
               Google search also has a new interface and also improved search result like Graph one box that includes answer, Thumbnail images with a link instead of displaying search result for your queries and it works like Apple siri.

Google Now is a new app introduced in Jelly bean which offers many good things based on your location, calendar events, Google queries and more. Its show weather report, score updates of your favorite team, next train time if you are standing in a railway station platform and traffic.


  1. Jelly Bean is not good for a device with low specs. Really..


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