Facebook Account Delete or Deactivate or Reactivate

Facebook is the number one social media networking website. Using facebook is a waste of time and many of you is being addicted with facebook.

Deactivate your facebook account

  • Login to your facebook account
  • Account settings > Security's
  • Click the Deactivate your account link and also give the reason for leaving and confirm it.
Reactivate your facebook account
  • Simply login with your facebook account to reactivate the account which is temporarly disabled
Delete your facebook account
  • Login to your facebook account
  • Click this official facebook link in your browser to delete this account
  • Click the delete my account  to delete your facebook account
  • Facebook will give a warning message to confirm it again and confirm it if you really want to delete it.
  • In the next 14 days you dont have to use facebook to complete the facebook account deletion and if you suppose to do then account will automatically reactivate again.


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