Setup Notification for Google Documents

Set the email notification for your Google docs to see the changes made by your collaborators.

While you are working on a Google spread sheet with multiple collaborator for some discussion think how you can see the regular updates from collaborator whether you check spreadsheet regularly?

Google drive spreadsheets

What Kind of notification you will need ?

      You need notification for the following
  • Entire spreadsheet
  • Specific sheet
  • Specific cells
  • Collaborators are added or removed
  • Forms

Learn how you can enable this notification feature for your Google Spreadsheet

  • Go to your spreadsheet form
  • Menu Tools > Notification Rules
  • Select the check box for different kinds of notification alert 
  • Select the check box for notification alert either daily or instantly
  • Now save it. That's It. 
Now you will receive notifications whenever your collaborator made changes to your spread sheet.


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