Save Webpage as PDF with Google Chrome

Save any web page or printing page as a PDF using Google chrome browser.

While surfing the web you may find a good tutorial and thinking to save it, If you try to save the webpage itself  it will save html, images and css if any but you don't have to save many file for one good article.

webpage as pdf
Using Google chrome browser and surf the web and if you find a good article simple press Ctrl + P or Print.

You will be seeing Print screen where you have to choose Destination as "Save  as PDF" and now click the save button to save the web page in pdf file format.

After generating PDF file the anchor link will be highlighted in color but link will not be available because its printed document.

Benefit of Generating PDF

Instead of printing you are making a soft copy that means you are saving trees and making green environment


Learn how you can perform Save and Quit in Google Chrome Browser

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