How to Expose Port Number on Amazon Instance

Learn how you can expose a port number 80 or 8080 or 3306 from your Amazon EC2 Instance.

There are too many Enterprises Application is running on Amazon Cloud Computing. Amazon provides them full Remote based Windows, Linux Operating system where you can do anything like you do with your PC.

After configuring servers for your enterprise application you are trying to access this server from web but when you call it from other pc using amazon provided ec2 link or ip address then its says oops or some error based on browser.........

Why the port is not exposing because amazon has good security.To enable it follow the below steps.

  • Login to Amazon Instance : Amazon webservice >
  • After successful login Go to Amazon EC2 ( Easy Cloud Computing)
  • Select the region on the Navigation bar.
  • Click on Instances on the Navigation bar
  • On the table see the Security Group that your instance is using
  • Now go back to Navigation Bar > Network & Security > Security Groups
  • On the table select the select the security group in which your instance is running
  • Once you select the security group you will be seeing a new window at the bottom with Details and Inbound tab.
  • Select the inbound tab
  • If you want HTTP access then chose TCP and if you want something else then chose from the drop down menu.
  • In the port range enter the port number which you want to expose it and source is "" without quotes and now add rule then Apply Rule changes.

That's it. Now your port number is available for public...


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