ICS and Android Jelly Bean

Samsung announced today that their Galaxy S2 will finally see an Ice Cream Sandwich update.
As fantastic as this news is, it may be nothing compared to the release of Android Jelly Bean. This is supposedly the newest installment in the android os series. This is surely the most exciting news since the announcement of ICS for Android. Hopefully Android 5.0 will roll out a little quicker. The adoption rate was so slow for ICS that some critics have made the assumption this time that the OS is simply developing too fast to meet with devices sold. 

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Until then, Ice cream sandwich, can be uploaded to update the S2 in the next few upcoming days. The Galaxy note, Galaxy Tab 8.9 and 10.1 ought to follow shortly thereafter.

Source : https://plus.google.com/100259500986711059755/posts/iHPDgeZPvdf


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