Amazon Web Service Software Development Kits

Software development kit shortly known as SDK is a development tool for creating the apps.

Most of the people are using amazon instance to run their application but if you want to access from amazon products then you need the access key and secret key to access the content and also you need the SDK.

List of Amazon SDK for different platforms

  • AWS SDK for Android -
  • AWS SDK for iOS -
  • AWS SDK for Java -
  • AWS SDK for .NET -
  • AWS SDK for PHP -
  • AWS SDK for Ruby -
  • AWS Toolkit for Eclipse -
  • AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio -

For SDK Prices

AWS Provides Solution 

↓Application Hosting
↓ Backup and Storage
↓ Content Delivery
↓ Databases
↓ E-Commerce
↓ Enterprise IT
↓ High Performance Computing

↓ Media Hosting
↓ On-Demand Workforce
↓ Search Engines
↓ Web Hosting
↓ Media and Entertainment
↓ Life Sciences


  1. Amazon has really proven beneficial in this term, by providing SDK for different platforms it has made developers job easier to develop programs that tap into the cost-effective, scalable, and efficient AWS cloud.

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