Great Chance for Photographers - Google Photography contest

Best chance for photographers to show their hidden talent to Google and suppose if you selected in the contest you are not only getting prize but you are going to become global fame from the moment starts.

Submit your photos before January 31,2012

How to submit photos to Google Photogrophy contest

  • Sign in into Google + Account or sign up for Google account
  • On homepage click the camera icon and create an album with a name of  "Google Photography prize" without quotes and note 1 entry per person, 1 category per entry,max 8 shots
  • Make your album visibility public and while you share this album add the hashtag along with your category of photos like if you are sharing travel category photos then add hashtag like this #travelgpp in the description field and for other category see below
List of categories and hash tags
  • Me        #megpp  
  • Food     #foodgpp
  • Travel    #travelgpp
  • Fashion  #fashiongpp
  • Action   #actiongpp
  • Street    #streetgpp
  • Sport     #sportgpp
  • Night     #nightgpp
  • Sound/Silence    #soundsilencegpp
  • Point of View     #pointofviewgpp
You can see an example of each category click here.

Finally you have to fillout the submission form by clicking here

Visual Steps for Google Photography contest



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