5 Things to do before applying for Google Adsense?

I am happy to write this article because i have an adsense approved account.Many times i was rejected for getting approval from Google Adsense finally i got approved from that i learned what is required for getting approval the Google Adsense account.

 Recently Many indian's and pakistan's adsense account disabled due to invalid clicks and going beyond the adsense policies.

 DO THIS Five Things Before you Apply for Adsense Account.

  1. Write High Quality Unique Articles.
  2. Wait for 6 month to 1 Year for Better Search Engine Optimization
  3. Don't add lot of scripts for your blog like javascripts animation and unwanted flashy images and specially dont add other website ads when you are applying for adsense
  4. Website layout must be clean so that the end user can easily navigate to other interest.
  5. Create pages like contact us and about us.
That's it. Simply five things and wait until you get a good visitor and then apply for adsense.


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