Why Windows 7 Wireless Disconnected Automatically

No wireless network in Windows 7 is a latest rising a bug for everyone.


Restarting your pc will resolve this but after certain period of time it will disconnect automatically.
Its all about power management issue that switches off your wireless adapter.

Windows 7 Wireless disconnected

Solution #1 :
  1. Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Power Options
  2. Balanced > Change Plan settings >  Change Advanced Plan settings
  3. Wireless Adapter settings > Power Saving mode
  4. Set OnBattery and Plugged in into Maximum Performance 
  5. On the same dialog box you will see a drop down of Balanced, change to High Performance and Power saver and do the 3 and 4 steps
Restart your pc and your issue will be fixed.

Solution #2:

  • Windows + R or Run Command
  • Type "services.msc" without quotes
  • Search WLAN AutoConfig > Properties
  • General Tab > Startup type > Automatic
  • Recovery Tab > Subsequent failures > Restart the service
  • Apply > Ok > Restart your pc

When i had this problem i tried the following scenario .

Wifi Switch on  / off.
Log off / Log on
Device manager uninstall and reinstall
Updated hardware drivers

This is a issue from windows 7 not an issue from your hardware.


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