Problem Steps Recorder - Windows 7 Tech Support

Are you facing any issue with windows 7 repeatedly and would like to submit this bug to the Microsoft Tech support then try to use psr (Problem Step Recorder ) .

Problem Step Recorder - records a series of snapshot and then customize those with your notes to describe the kind of issue you are facing with Windows 7.

Problem screen recorder windows 7

How to Use Problem Steps Recorder

  • Win + R or Start button > Search programs and files
  • Type "psr" without quotes and press enter
  • Problem Steps Recorder application will start
  • Click the Record button to begin the process and then show the error with mouse click because each click will create a snapshot.
  • Add Comment if you have notes for full description
  • Stop the record button once you complete the bug issue
  • Save the file (Will be compressed in zip format)
  • If you open the zipped file you will be seeing a complete web page with series of snapshots and comments 
  • Now attach this as email attachment and send it to Tech support


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