Best Expense Manager App For Your Android Phone

This is the best android app for managing your daily expense. This app is designed based on best user experience (means : You don't have to type the description text and amount). Everything can be done in a couple of clicks.

Eye catching user interface and user friendly screen space for your fast action & wizard mode designed, so you can rest your fingers without typing it.

I have really enjoyed making the app and i hope this will be very useful app for our daily life. Share this article to help us for building the great features and enhanced functionalities.

App Logo

Screen Shots

Elegant User Interface with catchy icons 

Select the amount range without typing it 

Do the small amount changes and save it.

Daily Expenses Report
Monthly Summary Report

Expenses Category List  Food ExpenseBeverages ExpenseTravel ExpenseVeg. ExpenseRecharge ExpenseCharity ExpenseMeat ExpenseShopping ExpensePetrol ExpenseFruits ExpenseHealth Care ExpenseRent ExpenseEvent ExpenseVacation ExpenseOther Expense - A…

One Image with Multiple Links

Learn how you can add multiple anchor links to a single image.Map tag is used to create the multiple links for a single image using their area coordinates.
Here is tutorial for you.

The below four popular icons i.e, rss (or) Atom Feed Icon , Twitter Icon, Facebook Icon and Google Icon all are in single image (Link) but i am separating each icon to have a unique link.

Just hover you cursor on each image and see the browser status to know the links

RSS FeedTwitterFacebookGoogle


Image Tag with following attribute source, width, height and usemap=#ti (this is important to map multiple links)
<img src="" width="161" height="32" border="0" usemap="#ti" />

Map Tag begins here and you should use map name and id are same as like you mention on image usemap
<map name="ti" id="ti">

Area Tag define the link shape are in rectangle format, Hyper Reference link, Alternate title for the icon and finally coordinates (left,top,right,bottom)
<area shape="rect" coords="0,0,30,32" href="" target="_blank" alt="RSS Feed" />
<area shape="rect" coords="38,0,70,32" href="" target="_blank" alt="Twitter" /><area shape="rect" coords="78,0,110,32" href="" target="_blank" alt="Facebook" />
<area shape="rect" coords="118,0,150,32" href="" target="_blank" alt="Google" />

End of Map Tag

This Map tag is really useful for blogger to optimize the performance of their website.

note: If you are loading multiple image on your home page then for each image client request and server response this make your loading time more .Use one image and separate them using Image map concept.


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