Do not play HD when switching to fullscreen - youtube

If you are having slow internet connection the this would be a great way to watch the youtube video in perfect streaming without buffering the video.

When you are watching a video on youtube, you may be interested to watch that video in full screen but Youtube automatically clear the temp video and start try to download the High Definition video from the server if HD is available else not the no problem.

How to View High Quality Video in Youtube

For the slow internet connection must have to disable this feature "Play HD When switching to Fullscreen".

  • Login to Youtube with your Youtube or Google Account 
  • Visit
  • Select  "I have a slow connection. Never play higher-quality video" in Video Playback Quality.
  • Also uncheck the show annotation from the settings link page and save it.
Now you can watch the selected resolution pixel when you switch it to fullscreen mode or normal mode and also your temporary download video will not deleted ...


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