Google Wallet Secure, Payment method and How it Works

Google Wallet helps you to make the payment from your phone not by any credit cards or debit cards or any express card and also keep your card security code or pin code confidential.

Near Field Communication or NFC is a new technology that helps you to sync your android smart phone with reader.
You don't have to take credit card or debit card or any express card for shopping just hold your android nexus 4g phone for any thing . Already people aware of Google Android smart phone made life simple with other utilities now this is another thing for you.

How It Works

Google wallet payment
  • First Data wireless device will be attached on the cash counter all you to have open up your Google Wallet App from your Nexus 4G to make the payment and you have to enter the Google wallet security code from your phone to make the payment transactions.

Payment Methods 

  • Citi Mastercards
  • Google Prepaid cards
  • In future it will be enhanced with Visa, Discover and American Express said by Google.
  • Stay secure with Google Wallet pin for any transaction you made

Google wallet will be available on Android Nexus 4G with Sprint.


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